American Families Aren’t Safe Until Trump’s Law and Order Returns

Americans are at a crossroads between restoration and destruction.

Our democratic republic has always rested on four essential principles — economic prosperity, global security, individual safety, and the absence of an elite ruling class.

The phrase, “The preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” explains it all. 

Life is the crucial point.

“Life” — one’s safety — is the nonnegotiable foundation of our unsteady contract with our federal, local, and state governments. However, the agreement has been broken.

The moral ambiguity of progressive, overt, and woke decriminalization policies is steeply declining.

We aren’t safe. Our lives are at risk.

This demise of domestic security has caused numerous cities to neglect their primary duty to protect their citizens completely. Basic safety has been disregarded to our detriment through acts of deliberate sabotage. There is no gray area.

Rapists, criminals, sex traffickers, drug dealers, and additional violent offenders who violate the norms of society must face severe accountability.

Progressives and globalists must prioritize safeguarding us over the pursuit of their massive aims of increased government control through convoluted ideologies.

The erosion of law and order, soft-on-crime approaches, and tolerance of illegal immigration can result in harm or even murder.

It’s that simple.

The abandonment of public safety is at a breaking point.

Leftist legislators and the Biden administration’s woke, irrational policies allow violent criminals to continue to thrive unchecked.

It must stop.

We must restore law, order, and civility, enact new zero-tolerance policies, and reclaim our nation’s soul.

We must prevent far-left super donors from warping our legal system by funding prosecutors looking to decriminalize those who heightened risks to Americans.

Rapidly increasing crime rates — some reaching as high as 24% to 104% — continue to plague cities with progressive prosecutors.

The deconstruction has been a critical tenet of the socialist playbook for decades. District Attorney of Los Angeles George Gascon is one of the worst offenders.

The tenure of Gascon as DA of Los Angeles County, California, is scarred by a reckless disregard for public safety and is a harmful bowing down to radical ideology.

Gascon has arguably pursued an agenda of pro-criminal activists’ dismantling the legal foundations of order and law as “serious crime” in L.A. jumped another 5%.

DA Gascon’s Special Directive 20-07 mandated the dismissal of more than 13 significant misdemeanors without any conditions and demonstrated a blatant disregard for the safety of Los Angeles.

By abandoning his responsibility to uphold justice and prosecute crimes, Gascon has turned a blind eye to victims who are suffering and emboldened criminals to continue to commit crimes with no consequences.

Gascon’s refusal to enforce immigration policies highlights his greater allegiance to a radical agenda and disdain for the law. DA Gascon’s alleged left-funded tenure represents a more significant danger to the safety of all residents of Los Angeles. It demands that his prosecutorial activism be eliminated.

This crisis of law and order — synonymous with the administration of Joe Biden — has increased greater political pandering by progressives and clamoring to “undermine public safety for political gain.”

They continue to dismantle pillars of the law to lift extreme leftist ideology over the value of your life.

This is a prioritization of ideology over constituents’ well-being.

For example, Virginia Democrats are also pressing to reduce sentences for their most evil rapists, child molesters, and murderers. Even previously conservative leaders like Democrat State Senator Creigh Deeds of Virginia just advocated for second chances and leniency for violent offenders.

Has human nature changed? Nope.

Justice isn’t blind anymore. It has simply been bribed to be silent.

Making matters worse is the administration’s approach to almost eight million illegal immigrants has increased unrest nationwide, further undermining the safety of our families.

Recently, an illegal immigrant ended Laken Riley’s, a Georgia nursing student, life emphasizing the severe safety failures of President Biden.

At the same time, raging migrant theft groups continue to devastate American towns, increasing citizen insecurity and fostering lawlessness.

This crisis has become unsustainable.

Amidst these developments, the movement for renewal and restoration is still being led vigilantly by former President Donald Trump and other strong conservative candidates.

Trump’s desire for order and law and the prioritization of American interests are undeniable.

Wrong is wrong. Right is right.

It is long past time we eliminate far-left money from law enforcement and return to the crucial belief that living legally is patriotic. It’s American.

If you don’t follow the rules, face prison or leave the country. The forfeiting of rights when harming others or violating their rights is also the American way.

The choices we face in the upcoming elections will define the future of our nation.

Will we continue toward decline with lax crime policies, eroding national values, and open borders, or opt to head down a path solidified by law and order?

As our government fails, we must protect our families. Reelecting Donald Trump is the fastest way to regain this security. 

Our safety is at stake. Vote.