Biden Rages against GOP Economic Plans in Possible Campaign Preview: ‘I’m Gonna Stop ‘Em’

President Joe Biden continued the preview of his possible 2024 presidential run for reelection Wednesday in Maryland, where he accused Republicans of undermining the recovery post-pandemic and touted his economic successes

The president, who has yet to announce his reelection campaign, gave a speech before the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 64. It followed similar comments he made in Virginia and Wisconsin over the past two weeks. 

President Biden pointedly attacked the GOP for threatening to sunset several entitlement programs, not agreeing to raise the debt limit, and threatening to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act.

“Let’s be crystal clear about what’s happening. If you add up all the proposals that my Republican friends in Congress have offered just so far, they would add another $3 trillion to the debt over ten years,” claimed Biden.

“When I introduce my budget in a few weeks from now. You’ll see that people making less than $400,000 a year will not see a penny increase in taxes. Not a penny, and you’ll see that my budget will invest in America, lower costs, and protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare while cutting the deficit by $2 trillion over ten years,” continued Biden.

“If Republicans try to take away people’s healthcare, increase costs for middle-class families, or push Americans into poverty, I’m gonna stop ‘em,” concluded the president. 

Wednesday morning, officials at the White House said that the GOP plan amounts to “a massive giveaway to the super-rich, big corporations, and Big Pharma.”

President Biden compares his economic plan with Republicans

The president has frequently compared his economic plan with the alleged suggestions from Republican candidates and lawmakers, a strategy Dems believe carried the party to a stronger-than-expected result in the 2022 midterm elections.

Those contrasts came to an abrupt head during President Biden’s recent State of the Union address, where he accused GOP lawmakers of trying to cut Medicare and Social Security funding in exchange for dealing with the debt limit.

However, both Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and Biden appeared to have slightly dampened public tension on the debt ceiling after a recent meeting at the White House. 

“I met with the Speaker of the House, who’s a decent guy. He’s got a tough job. He made it real clear to me what he wants to do. He says he’s not going to raise any taxes at all on anybody. He just wants to cut programs,” said Biden of McCarthy. “I suggested, instead of making threats about the debt ceiling, we would — which would be catastrophic — let’s just lay out our budgets. I’ll lay out mine on March the 9th — exactly what I want to spend, who gets taxed, who doesn’t get taxed, who gets — what programs get cut, what programs get added. And he should do the same. We can sit down and go — I mean this sincerely — go over it. See what they want to cut and see what we want to cut.”