Biden Slammed for Holding Fewest Number of Press Conferences Since Ronald Reagan

President Joe Biden is under fire for holding the fewest number of press conferences since Ronald Reagan’s presidency in the eighties.

Biden averaged only ten news conferences a year during his first two years in the White House, Ronald Reagan averaged seven, Trump at 19.5, and Barack Obama with 23, according to research by The American Presidency Project.

The president has also conducted far fewer interviews, having only 54 in his first year in office compared with Trump at 202 and Obama at 275. Martha Joynt Kumar, a presidential communication scholar, provided the figures.

The findings come following Biden’s four-day trip to Ireland last week when the president, who is 80 years old, skipped the decades-long tradition of holding a news conference when abroad.

Following Biden’s meeting with the Columbian president on Thursday, Gustavo Petro field questions himself from reporters in the West Wing as the president was MIA.

While Biden prepares to announce his campaign for a second term as soon as Tuesday, many are questioning why the current Oval Office occupant is eager to keep his distance from the media.

Officials in the White House claim this is part of a deliberate strategy to avoid the traditional news media and connect with people ‘where they are’ without being subjected to the filter of investigative or political journalists, according to a report from The New York Times.

However, others surmise the administration is doing this to shield him from unscripted exchanges that have often highlighted missteps and garnered criticism.

Ben LaBolt, White House Communications Director, said, “The fracturing of the media and the changing nature of information consumption requires a communications strategy that adapts to reach Americans where they get the news.”

“Our ultimate goal is to reach the American people wherever and however they consume media, and that’s not just through the briefing room or Washington-based news outlets.”

Officials with the Biden administration point out that the traditional White House daily briefings held by the press secretary — which were suspended for more than a year during the presidency of President Trump — have been restored.

Additionally, officials say the president’s “informal and informative Q&A interactions with reporters shows that he is happy to engage with those journalists who cover him on a regular basis,” reported the New York Times.

Since President Biden took office on January 20, 2021, he has primarily communicated with the country via penned opinion essays, televised town hall meetings, and written speeches.

Biden has become fodder for comedians, international news agencies

James Morrow, the host of Sky News Australia, posted a clip on April 16 of Biden’s Ireland trip, mocking the president. The post garnered almost 600,000 views.

“U.S. President Joe Biden ‘skipped’ the traditional bilateral press conference with the Irish Prime Minister as unscripted questions are now ‘too tough’ for him to handle.”

Morrow also rolled the tape that showed the president addressing the crowd and misspeaking, saying the word “lick” instead of “kick.”

“Thank you all…God bless you world…let’s go lick the world…and get it done,” said Biden

The American Presidency Project keeps track of press briefings held during presidential administrations. Their extensive collection includes over 6,000 press briefings dating back to the Clinton administration.

The organization found that Biden averaged ten news conferences per year in his first year in office, including 11 solo sessions and nine with leaders of other countries.

Former President Donald Trump averaged 19.5 during the same period, with Obama at 23 and Clinton at 41.5. According to figures, Herbert Hoover had 82, and Calvin Coolidge had a whopping 90 each year.

Reagan and Nixon both averaged seven news conferences in their first two years. However, Reagan’s average was cut short by the assassination attempt on him during his first year in office.

In tallies of interviews made by Kumar, Biden has given 54 interviews since taking office (including those with celebrities), Trump gave 202, Obama gave 275, George W. Bush gave 89, Clinton gave 132, George H.W. Bush gave 96, and Reagan gave 106, all during the first couple years of their presidencies.

Biden has yet to interview reporters from major newspapers since taking office.