Campaign: GOP Florida Governor and Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis Raised $8.2 Million in 24 Hours After 2024 Launch

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis raked in $8.2 million in the first 24 hours following the announcement of his 2024 presidential campaign, despite a glitch-filled Twitter launch. 

The impressive sum dwarfs the $6.3 million raised by President Joe Biden in the first 24 hours of his presidential campaign in 2019. 

Donations began rolling in despite server and audio issues during DeSantis’ much-hyped presidential launch during a Twitter Spaces event with CEO Elon Musk. The technical issues delayed the governor’s announcement by around 30 minutes. 

However, after the hour-long conversation between Musk, entrepreneur David Sacks and DeSantis, the governor urged supporters to flood his campaign with contributions. 

“I’m running for president of the United States to lead our great American comeback. We announced that on Twitter Space earlier tonight, and it broke the internet because so many people were excited about being on that Twitter Space. Now, let’s see if we can break WinRed,” said DeSantis in a video message, referencing the fundraising platform of the Republican Party. 

A spokesman for the DeSantis presidential campaign, Bryan Griffin, declared Wednesday that the $1 million was raised online within an hour of the announcement. “There was so much enthusiasm for Governor DeSantis’ vision for our Great American Comeback that he literally busted up the internet. Washington is next,” wrote Griffin in a tweet. 

DeSantis’ new $8.2 million bankroll includes donations and online contributions secured by volunteers at the Four Seasons in Miami on Wednesday who gathered in the hotel’s ballroom to make donation calls. 

Trump-supporting PAC Make America Great Again dismissed DeSantis’ fundraising haul

The Trump-supporting super PAC Make America Great Again Inc. responded dismissively to reports of DeSantis’ campaign haul after his announcement. 

“After a three-month shadow campaign, including a legislative session that clearly leveraged Florida taxpayer money to elevate his fundraising efforts, DeSantis was still not able to raise enough money to make up for his botched campaign launch. His record of targeting senior benefits, wanting to raise taxes, and withholding funding for the border wall makes this campaign dead on arrival. No amount of money will change that,” said spokesman for Make America Great Again, Inc., Alex Pfeiffer, in a statement. 

“This historic funding haul shows that grassroots Republicans across the country are uniting behind Governor DeSantis’ vision for our Great American Comeback,” said Generra Peck, campaign manager. 

Prominent GOP donor and oil drilling chief executive officer Dan Eberhart said, “That’s an enormous haul for the first 24 hours and shows that there are thousands of donors big and small behind the governor.”

But Trump and his allies argued the episode was an embarrassing failure. The former president posted a video on his Truth Social social media platform showing a rocket crashing and exploding with the caption, “Ron! 2024. “

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung echoed the sentiment saying, “Ron DeSantis can’t run away from his disastrous, embarrassing, and low energy campaign announcement.” 

Fundraising and polling are critical metrics used to measure a candidate’s strength and popularity. The money candidates raise can be used for data operations, creating, and running ads, travel, and building up get-out-the-vote and campaign staff efforts.