Congressional Lawmakers Slam the Biden Administration for Proposing Slush Fund for Pro-Abortion Organizations

Congressional lawmakers are accusing the Biden administration of using regulations for the Tri-Agencies — Treasury Department, Labor Department, and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) — to create an abortion slush fund for providers like Planned Parenthood.

The Committee on Education and the Workforce submitted a letter to Xavier Becerra, HHS secretary, Department of Labor acting secretary Julie A. Su, and Treasury secretary Janet Yellen, and an exemption to contraceptive coverage for organizations and groups that have moral objections to such services. 

The rules create a program that is not authorized by Congress, which allows women to enroll in plans to accept contraceptive services at no cost to women enrolled in plans provided by objecting entities.

With the plan, a qualified health plan can reimburse a contraceptive services provider. When an agreement is made, the health company plan can receive an exchange user fee that is federally facilitated to be lower.

Congress argues that the Obama Administration created a 2013 accommodation process that didn’t allow the exchange fee to be used for anything other than the exchange’s administration.

HHS also proposed allowing contraception providers in a state that does not allow state exchange fees or FFE to seek reimbursement from the issuer in a state that will allow it.

The letter explains that under the affordable care act, the fee isn’t to be used to fund, reimburse or furnish a health care service, and nothing prohibits HHS from increasing the fee in the future to help offset the costs of future individual contraceptive arrangements.

Reps claim the ACA is a slush fund for contraceptives

“The Tri-Agencies are essentially using the ACA user fees as a slush fund to pay for contraceptive services,” stated the letter, signed by GOP representatives Bob Good and Virginia Foxx. “This will set a dangerous precedent that would allow these fees to fund virtually any type of health care service.”

The committee stated it opposes proposed rules that create an unauthorized program and provides free contraceptives to anyone covered by employer-sponsored plans. It added that if Congress believed the program was needed, it would have established a program with the proper accountability and oversight.

The new rules provided funding for programs, including Planned Parenthood. The committee argues that the new regulations violate the religious rights of Americans.

“We oppose the Tri-Agencies’ removal of exemptions for entities and individuals that object to the contraceptive coverage requirement based on moral convictions,” reads the letter. “The proposed rules flagrantly violate current law and Americans’ rights. They create an unauthorized program paid for by an Obamacare slush fund to further the radical agenda of abortion supporters.”

It continued, “In doing so, they violate constitutional and religious rights. This is nothing more than a political ploy to create a new funding stream for abortion providers like Planned Parenthood under the guise of delivering preventative health care to women.”