CPAC 2024 Revealed a World that Has Changed Greatly

Without a doubt, you have heard some sound bites of stellar moments from CPAC 2024, held in Prince George’s County, Maryland, at Gaylord National Harbor.

The theme of the conference was “Where Globalism Goes to Die.” World leaders and international panels came to promote populist thin thinking.

It was a different mood than in 2023. Although there was cheering for the speakers, the feeling of the event was not of giddiness or panic but of thoughtful determination.

Thousands of people there are trying to support President Donald Trump’s re-election and return to traditional American life.

This election, ultimately, isn’t an issue of choosing a team to root for, like during the Super Bowl. There are many prickly issues plaguing the country. CPAC hosted United States and international leaders to discuss their expertise and interests.

Matt Whittaker, former Acting Attorney General, moderated a panel that explored their progress and the states’ agendas. Topics focused on included school security, the “licentiousness” of today’s culture, and school security. 

Mike Lindell, TV’s biggest advertiser, updated the audience with what he has been focusing on. He also highlighted the resistance he consistently faces in several states. He also said he believes reforms must be implemented in voting moving forward.

In a presentation by former Congressman Doug Collins and Stephen Moore, “Bidenomics: Bad for America’s Health,” they emphasized tricky ways Democrats are chipping away at our ability to be a powerhouse.

Collins and Moore also accused globalists of ignoring the CCP’s theft of intellectual property. Additionally, they took a gloomy view of President Joe Biden “going against” Elon Musk.

Lou Dobbs, a long-time independent voice, noted in the current climate of the media of being “Politically correct, irrespective of the television network,” he feels we are now in a “police surveillance state.”

Kari Lake, the popular Arizona candidate for Arizona U.S. Senate, reiterated several campaign themes but had a different point. Lake strongly believes conservatives must “open the tent to independents and disaffected Democrats.”

This goes starkly against people who are disgusted by Nikki Haley for hunting for hate-filled liberal votes in open primaries, trying to push President Trump out of her way. 

It’s the opposite. The main goal is to convince these voters to look at President Trump’s merits.

Steve Bannon and Trump 2016 campaign CEO also made an appearance. However, he is no longer a silent adviser. People want to hear what he says and thinks on a plethora of subjects.

He broadcasted his show live for hours daily on Media Row and was in an eminent position to introduce leaders at their conference presentations. He also took the stage solo several times, with pronouncements to the crowd: “Onward to Victory!”

The lure on the last day of the conference — for everyone — was to hear and see President Trump in a pretty intimate environment. The almost universal position of the attendees was to make sure that the 45th president becomes the 47th.

Instead of how the left portrays him as a salesman for himself, Trump immediately spoke to his attentive audience about the names of South American leaders. Just years ago, everyday Americans rarely had heard anything about South America, let alone heard of how the countries’ goals can mirror ours.

If anyone hadn’t realized this presidential election’s importance, the former president forewarned that the “Biden nightmares, the Imposter and Cheats,” will have a guaranteed dark future: “November 5 will be their Judgment Day!”