Crucial Way to Enforce Immigration Law Most Americans Support

For numerous years, and particularly during Donald Trump’s administration, the mainstream media and far-left exerted significant effort to label deportations a dirty word. Even though his own Department of Homeland Security secretary admitted they were cooking the books to make deportations look substantially more significant than they really were, the same groups labeled President Barack Obama the “Deporter in Chief.”

During Trump’s administration, criticism devolved, labeling efforts to enforce immigration laws passed by Congress as racist and inhumane. Infamously, in an apparent far-left appeasement effort, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden pledged there would be no deportations during his first 100 days in office, including criminal aliens who were convicted of abhorrent offenses.

The demonization by progressives continues today even while the Biden administration continues to remove illegal aliens at record-low numbers. Axios, in a recent article, described the concept of removing illegal immigrants from our country as “former President Trump’s harshest immigration plans.”

However, after all the time spent sensationalizing and misrepresenting deportations, it must have been a shock to the leftie open borders crowd that polling by Axios shows over half of Americans support mass deportations, including 42% of Democrats. 

Polling also found that 68% of Americans believe illegal immigrants cause significant problems to communities, echoing alarms that were raised repeatedly by Eric Adams, Democrat Mayor of New York City, and other politicians in the city.

Three years after the worst security and humanitarian crisis in our nation’s history along the southern border, Americans must have had enough. Securing our border isn’t enough. Action must be taken against the millions of illegal aliens in the U.S., including the historic number Joe Biden’s administration has allowed into communities nationwide during his term.

One of several options available to accomplish this goal is to increase removal proceedings significantly — the technical term for deportations. It’s past time to debunk the prevailing left narrative that removing immigrants who have violated the U.S. immigration laws, whether they have illegally entered the country unlawfully or lawfully, is controversial.

Removals are, in fact, a civil, not a criminal matter. Consistently, the U.S. Supreme Court has held that, at least until 1893, deportation wasn’t even a punishment. It is only a mechanism for returning illegal aliens to their countries of origin after determining they lack a lawful basis for remaining in the United States. 

The time-consuming process includes several layers of appellate opportunities, including for individuals who cross the border unlawfully and make questionable claims for asylum to impede the streamlined process of removal. It’s a long way from the end game after immigration judges order aliens removed.

They can then appeal to the Department of Justice’s Board of Immigration Appeals. Even if the removal order is upheld, U.S. immigration laws allow many immigrants who have expended these administrative remedies to appeal further in federal courts, including the possibility of taking it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Claims of an unfair process are unfounded. While reforms could potentially improve the removal process proceedings, illegal aliens are given their day in court to argue that they qualify for another immigration status to allow them to remain lawfully in the country or for humanitarian relief.

Yet, progressives and those on the far left complain about deportations because they are fundamentally opposed to the enforcement of immigration. This mindset is ridiculous and not what most Americans believe, as seen in polls.

Deporting or removing illegal aliens is an intrinsic aspect of how to administer immigration law properly. There are currently around 1.5 million illegal immigrants who are in the U.S. with a final order of removal after exhausting all court attempts. This contempt, after spending several years in numerous courts, makes a joke of our immigration system.

An administration that is America First must protect our nation’s sovereignty by making the border secure and imposing legal consequences on aliens who violate our immigration laws. Internationally, all countries deport people—it’s central to upholding the government’s responsibility to protect our nation’s security. 

The Biden administration needs to fulfill this responsibility. Thankfully, the next American First Administration will deliver actual results.