Democrats Continue to Use a Feeble 81-Year-Old Joe Biden to Defraud Voters

Similar to a Brazilian woman attempting to take advantage of her dead uncle in a bank, the Democrat party is doing much the same with President Joe Biden to defraud American voters.

Most Americans agree that Uncle Joe’s presidency has not turned out well. It isn’t just Biden’s numerous errors, exaggerations, and outright lies but also his administration’s increasingly unpopular policies on the border, foreign affairs, the economy, the rewriting of Title IX — effectively abolishing the distinction between men and women — and social engineering projects.

The targeting pandering that comprises Biden’s re-election platform is alarming.

Pretending you have halted inflation, pretending your uncle was eaten by cannibals in World War II, and pretending you need Congress to secure the border — these won’t win votes for Biden.

Whether, as his presidential rival Donald Trump describes the president’s stiff walking style, “like a toothpick,” breaking into sudden angry yelling, mumbling through teleprompter scripts, in a typical political climate, a candidate like Biden should be out of the race.

Worse still, the Biden campaign’s backup plan is…drumroll please…Kamala Harris. Unlike Joe, with Vice President Harris, what you see is what you get — a completely inept, phony, condescending mouthpiece with a disturbing cackle of a laugh.

Nationwide polls demonstrate the Democrats’ problem.

On NBC’s Sunday “Meet the Press” talk show, a new poll showed former President Trump walloping Biden by between 4 to 22 points on “handling a crisis” (46% to 42%), “Dealing with inflation and cost of living” (52% to 30%), “Necessary mental and physical health” (45% to 26%), and “Strong record as president” (46% to 39%).

What could be the most painful of all was Donald Trump’s 9-point lead on Biden over who was “Competent and effective” (47% to 36%), a category in which Biden had a 10-point edge over Trump in 2020.

There were more explosions at CNN, where voters in the battleground states of Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania viewed the former president more positively than Biden by 4 points, 47% to 43%. The situation was flipped in 2020, with Biden leading by 50% to 45%.

“Donald Trump is, in fact, better liked than he was four years ago—and is better liked than Joe Biden is right now,” declared Harry Enten, CNN polling analyst. Ouch.

Showcasing his voter disconnect, Biden’s team shuffled him out three days in a row last week in Pennsylvania; the state pollsters say he cannot afford to lose.

The theme was “Making the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share,” as if the president doesn’t live in a glitzy mansion on a lakefront estate and, like his son, isn’t facing California tax fraud charges over the family’s frequent influence peddling.

The problem is that the public isn’t buying his “Working Class Joe” charade when looking at the unimpressive reception he received from average Americans at his allegedly “unscheduled” campaign stops at restaurants and diners to pick up food.

The purpose of the stops appears to be for the campaign videographer to capture footage of the president and his down-to-earth interactions with real people. 

One example of the commander-in-chief’s behavior was when video footage caught him standing in front of a little girl and woman, staring at them wordlessly. Then, he moved through the store without speaking to anyone until he reached the counter, where a shop worker was set up to pose for a selfie. 

Biden posed and then exited woodenly. Reporters attempted to call out questions, including, “Are you concerned the new steel tariffs will hurt your relationship with Xi Jinping?”

“No!” said Biden, pausing in the doorway before delivering his nonsensical response, “Don’t jump!”

Trump is a fan-favorite

The former president was swarmed in Harlem last week when he took an opportunity post-courtroom to visit the bodega where Jose Alba was fatally stabbed by an ex-convict in self-defense and then was charged with murder unjustly. Unlike the Biden campaign’s random campaign pit stops, there was a point to the former president’s visit.

Trump wanted to highlight the uneven priorities of a justice system that is unjust and has been politically weaponized to eliminate or at least neutralize Biden’s opponent.

One reporter pointed out the obvious to Biden at a certain point in Pittsburgh. “When you drive around the area, you see a lot of Trump signs, not very many Biden signs. Do you feel like you’re in trouble here?”

That question didn’t go down well with Biden, who answered angrily.

“Well, you haven’t been driving in the right places, pal,” the president snapped.

Growling denials of reality are not a great recipe for success in an election. However, that isn’t the only way to win elections. Turnout will be critical this year as voter enthusiasm sinks to historical lows.

If Biden’s campaign is doomed, you can bet Democrats have plenty of dirty tricks to play.