Dems Should Take Carville’s Wisdom One Step Further — Boot Biden from the Ticket

U.S. Democratic leaders should listen to legendary Dem strategist James Carville and go one step further. They should find a way to boot President Joe Biden off the 2024 presidential party’s ticket.

Begin with Carville. He went at it again over the weekend and blasted the party’s tone-deafness. It’s a message he has harped away at for several years. On a Politicon podcast, Carville stated, “Democrat messaging is full of s***. … Don’t talk about f***ing Gaza and student loans. That’s so out [there].”

Carville, citing polls showing both issues are way down the list of voters’ concerns, then said, “Why are we forgiving student loans for people that go to Harvard? Which — according to [marketing professor] Scott Galloway, quite accurately, is nothing but a hedge fund that has classrooms — well, they got a $52 billion f***ing surplus! Why are taxpayers going to bail these people out?! Why don’t you propose to tax every university endowment over $5 billion and use that money to relieve their former students?”

Carville’s message was that Democrats should focus on the “cost of living” and issues related to the U.S. Supreme Court. Combine that with his numerous years complaining about “wokeness” taking over the Democratic Party. James Carville regularly says that Democrats must begin touting populist messages instead of appealing to far-left elites.

While Carville’s most recent rant didn’t include calls to eliminate Biden from the ticket — he has long claimed he thinks well of Biden — he has frequently said Biden shows national political weakness. However, he also noted that “right below the presidential level,” the Democratic Party is very “talented.” 

When speaking to New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd in March, Carville listed the following names that should be considered: “Mitch Landrieu, Josh Shapiro, Wes Moore, Raphael Warnock, Gretchen Whitmer, Gina Raimondo, Roy Cooper.”

Carville is correct. If Democrats do believe President Donald Trump is a threat to the nation and internationally, they must put forward a stronger candidate than Joe Biden to defeat him. To do so, Dems must also stop kneeling to the woke, far-left Democratic arm and begin appealing to an extensive center of the electorate.

Insiders in the party know the reality: While President Biden allegedly isn’t senile, he has become so physically limited that he grows tired very easily. When he is exhausted, his brain—similar to many others his age—grows more befuddled. He isn’t up for the nation’s highest position now and definitely won’t be four years from now.

Dem leaders Hakeem Jeffries, Chuck Schumer, and four or five others should meet with Joe Biden and his wife Jill and lay it on the line. If they explain that he could bow out gracefully and finish the current term strong but also inform him that the reality politically is that his decision to stay on the ticket is offering Trump a lifeline, they may possibly have a chance of convincing him to step aside.

Their issue is how to do this without leaving unpopular, inept Vice President Kamala Harris as his apparent heir. They must tell Harris that she has no future electorally and that her legacy must remain in the second position—as if she ever belonged there to start. 

Of course, if Biden’s replacement is a white male, the Democrats’ obsession with identity politics would dictate a new Black running mate. Dems should be creative. They could choose one of the top female, Black chief executives of numerous corporations.

Democrats must offer voters someone other than the rapidly diminishing, unpopular ghost of yesteryear, aka Biden, who would be 86 by the time a second term ends. Their party owes the country a better choice to face off against Trump. The truth is that as long as Biden remains the standard-bearer, the Democrats’ messaging will remain raft with politically unmarketable stuff, no matter what they make their ‘chosen’ topic—because, in the end, the candidate himself is ultimately the message.