Detransitioner Chloe Cole Announces Lawsuit against Doctors, Nationwide Medical Group ‘for Pushing Her into Medical Mutilation’

According to a lawsuit, Chloe Cole, a prominent detransitioner, sued doctors and a nationwide medical group Thursday who she said “decided to perform a mutilating, mimicry sex change experiment” on her.

The Center for American Liberty sued Kaiser Hospitals on behalf of Cole “for pushing her into medical mutilation instead of properly treating her,” said Cole’s lawyer Harmeet K Dhillon. Cole underwent a transgender transition between the ages of 13-17, including a double mastectomy, the use of puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormones. 

“What Kaiser did, for profit, to Chloe in the name of woke ideology instead of sound medical practice, should  not happen to any child in America!” tweeted Dillon.

When Cole was 13, she struggled with many mental health issues, including depression, pubertal struggles, anxiety, learning disabilities, body dysmorphia, concerns about being sexually abused, and autism spectrum symptoms, as well as concerns about being raped or sexually abused. In addition to continuing confusion about her gender, she “needed love, care, attention, and regular weekly psychotherapy, not cross-sex hormones and mutilating surgery,” according to the lawsuit.

Cole said that after she was exposed to transgender influencers online, she developed “the erroneous idea that she was a boy,” said the lawsuit. When she spoke to her parents and told them she was a boy, they were unsure of what to do and sought guidance from medical experts  and doctors who “immediately affirmed Chloe in her self-diagnosed gender dysphoria.”

Lawsuit: Cole and her family were told she was at risk of suicide unless she transitioned

According to the lawsuit, physicians told Cole and her parents that her gender dysphoria would not work itself out and told her parents that the risk of her committing suicide was high unless she was medically and socially transitioned, and asked them, “would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?”

“This unethical form of coercion reflects a lack of understanding of suicide risk or a deliberate decision to misrepresent suicide risk,” stated the lawsuit. “Defendants’ coercion, concealment, misrepresentations, and manipulation are appalling and represent an egregious breach of the standard of care. This misconduct also constitutes fraud, malice, and oppression.”

Cole did not receive any long-term relief from her treatments for gender dysphoria. Instead, her mental health declined as she continued her treatment, “and she eventually developed suicidal ideation after her radical double mastectomy.”

Due to the transgender treatment performed by Cole’s doctors, “she now has deep physical and emotional wounds, severe regrets, and distrust of the medical system,” states the lawsuit. Her physicians were not “caring” for her, but instead, “they were experimenting on her, and doing so all to their own great financial benefit.”