Don’t Be Tricked: New York v. Trump is a Lose-Lose Scenario for Democrats

No matter the guilty verdict in the Trump hush money trial, the political consequences to the cheating Democrats will be painful. They have created a lose-lose scenario they have made.

Think fast — what did former President Donald Trump do in New York to warrant a jury trial? Almost nobody can articulate how this trial is worthy of prosecuting a former president during an election year. 

Despite the verdict, Dems likely will be giddy and celebrating, thinking they have proved their case Trump cannot be trusted. They’re wrong.

It’s inevitable Republicans will be outraged, offended, and ramped up — as they should. However, the rest of the United States — ones who will make a significant impact in swing states on Election Day — is the politicizing of the judiciary on a banana republic level.

The remainder of America wonders, rightly, why Democrats can only talk about Donald Trump instead of issues that are important to them. The economy, inflation, credit card debt, a secure border, neighborhood safety, housing prices, energy costs, and wars raging internationally all play a distant second fiddle to this show-trial disaster.

President Joe Biden and his team tout he is healthy and fit for another four years in the world’s most vigorous and vital job. They say he ignores doesn’t polls. They claim his reducing of the $40 bank fee to $8 when bouncing a check is a significant accomplishment, his handful of new electric vehicle charging stations are solving the ‘climate change’ situation, and the border is secure (although he claims he can’t fix it with executive order #96). He believes Donald Trump is evil. 

But guess what? No one is buying it anymore!

Joe Biden’s playbook is set. Without policy victories with any substance, he has turned to scare tactics suggesting we need to save democracy by defeating ‘evil’ Donald Trump.

The issue is they haven’t changed their playbook over the past three elections. It’s been heard before. It doesn’t match the results seen during the Trump administration. You know what you get with him. Mean tweets? Hmm… I’ll take them over wars, a dangerous border, a terrible economy with high inflation…

During Trump’s tenure, the United States experienced low inflation, low unemployment for low-income and minority populations, vastly more robust border security, and peace through strength.

People recall life being better under former President Trump. Life just isn’t as good under bumbling, blustering Biden, and no amount of administration economists’ gaslighting can change that.

Since 2015, when Trump descended the golden escalator to announce his candidacy, Democrats, the GOP, and the Washington, D.C., political elite have understood the threat. They loved Trump — if he only stayed golfing in Florida, New York, or Hollywood.

However, the former president went to D.C. and became a threat. He didn’t require the adulation of D.C. or their campaign donations. However, Trump wouldn’t drink the Capitol Kool-Aid. He would continue to be a disrupting force — and they knew it. America loved it and certainly trusted him more than they did Hillary Clinton.

Since Donald Trump officially entered the political arena, Democrats and traditional media — with some assistance from so-called Republicans — have attempted to paint Trump with a broad brush. Sleaze, corruption, nefarious intent — they made him out to be a monster who would rule as a dictator and blow up the whole world if he is given the opportunity—mean tweets.

Despite the disgraceful guilty verdict, the problem for Democrats remains the same. They have been saying the same thing for nine years now. However, their Russia hoax was exposed, the United States was brokering peace in the Middle East, the border was being further secured, the economy was soaring under Trump’s leadership, and inflation remained lower than 3%.

Overall, Americans are overwhelmingly fair and believe in justice for all. The application of so-called justice unequally stirs up a visceral disgust.  

Since Trump received an incorrect guilty verdict, can Dems even answer what former President Trump was found guilty of? 

In the court of public opinion, in every scenario — it’s a lose-lose situation for Democrats.