Don’t Like the Results of the Polls? Biden’s New Strategy Is — Hire New Pollsters

It was frightened by the results of a poll released Tuesday evening by the Wall Street Journal that showed former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in six of seven battleground states in head-to-head matchups. Biden’s team took action immediately and hired new pollsters.

On Wednesday, Politico reported the Biden campaign hired eight veteran pollsters “to lead its number-crunching operation.” The news outlet explained, “The expansion of Biden’s polling team comes at a complicated moment, given Biden’s stubbornly low approval ratings and pollsters’ struggles to measure the electorate accurately in the past two presidential races.” It remains unclear how adding more pollsters to their ranks will help make Biden more popular.

The newly hired pollsters arrived only hours after an uncomfortable moment for First Lady Jill Biden. When asked about the Wall Street Journal poll during an interview on CBS Mornings, she stated, “[Biden is] coming up. He’s even [with Trump] or doing better. So, you know what, once people start to focus in and they see their two choices, it’s obvious that Joe will win this election.”

Hmm…is it?

The survey also asked voters which candidate was better equipped to handle the most significant issues. On the economy issue, 54% chose Donald Trump compared to 34% for President Biden. 

On border security and immigration, Trump prevails by a margin of 52% to 32%. When asked which candidate had the “mental and physical fitness needed to be president,” a resounding 48% chose Trump, with only 28% choosing Biden. Predictably, voters felt Biden was better able to handle abortion by a margin of 45% to 33%.

This is particularly bad news for Joe Biden’s campaign, considering that throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, he consistently led Trump in most swing-state polling. At the beginning of April 2020, Biden led the former president in the RealClearPolitics average of polls in battleground states by 2.3 points. Seven months later, on the evening before the 2020 election, the now-president stood at precisely 2.3 points. At no time during the election cycle did Trump pull ahead in the average.

Although we don’t know what the events leading up to the election will be, at this point, none of this looks good for the president.

First, we know President Biden’s dwindling mental cognition won’t improve and will likely worsen.

Although the rate of inflation growth year-over-year has slowed, we know prices are still up over 18% across the board since Biden took office and are unlikely to decrease. We additionally know the Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate hikes (needed to rein in the record-breaking inflation caused by the administration’s reckless spending) have more than doubled mortgage interest rates.

Primaries have shown us voters, even Democrats, are exceedingly concerned about the crisis at the border. As cities across the country struggle to absorb the flood of 8 million to 10 million illegal immigrants, the situation has become inconceivable for voters to ignore.

However, Democrats are in agreement on their love of abortions. They hope their fervent support for “women’s health” and “reproductive freedom” will outdo other matters as it did in the midterm elections in 2022. Some political pundits remain optimistic that some red states, including Florida, might be in play following the state Supreme Court’s ruling this week that a six-week ban on abortion can go into effect May 1. It’s not likely, but only time will tell.

Dems are also desperate for Trump to be convicted of at least one of the 88 criminal charges he is facing. Although there may be a conviction, delays in court proceedings threaten to push the trials past Election Day.

Would a Trump conviction make any difference? What if massive numbers of voters, particularly those who say they are independents, aware of the charges’ illegitimacy and the hijacking of the American justice system by the Biden administration, stand behind him?

In the meantime, President Biden’s job approval, per RealClearPolitics, sits at 41.2%, which is dubious for an incumbent president seeking reelection. Presidents who have had an approval rating of 50% or higher are “a safe bet for reelection,” according to Gallup. The two former presidents with approval ratings below 40% — Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush — lost their reelection bids. Gallup adds that historically, “approval ratings have not changed much between June and Election Day.”

Regarding Politico’s report, there is nothing complicated about the moment. New pollsters can’t fix it. The issue for Biden’s campaign is relatively simple—Biden has been a horrific president, and the majority of voters don’t feel they are better off now than they were four years ago.