Far-left Group Gearing up for a Fight Against Biden After Midterms

A progressive group, RootsAction, has flipped the script on President Joe Biden and expects “many allied groups and notable individuals” to join them when they launch a campaign against the president’s 2024 reelection bid. RootsAction’s ‘# DontRunJoe’ campaign is expected to launch on November 9, the day after the midterm elections.

“We object to Biden running in 2024 because of his job performance as president,” said Jeff Cohen, RootsAction cofounder. The objective of the organization is to hinder the president’s campaign if he decides to run in 2024. They do not want Biden to be nominated as the candidate who will do battle against the Republican candidate in the next presidential election.

Cohen also explained, “Democrats would do better in this year’s midterms if the public knew Biden would not be heading the ticket in 2024. We believe that would shift voters’ attention away from Biden to the extremism of Republicans, on everything from abortion rights to voting rights to climate-change denial.”

The progressive organization stated that the only way they wouldn’t move forward with the campaign was if the president decided not to seek reelection and made the announcement before the scheduled launch date.

In a press release, RootsAction said the organization believes, “Joe Biden should not seek it [reelection]. If he does, he will have a fight on his hands.” The decision comes after they said the Biden administration hasn’t done enough to confront issues including voting rights, student debt, and the climate.

RootsAction says it plans to spend six figures on its campaign to oust Biden. They have yet to state who they will endorse as his replacement.

New poll more bad news for Biden

According to a new NYT/Sienna College poll, 64% of Democrats don’t want the president to represent their party in the next presidential election. Far leftists fear Biden’s participation in the 2024 presidential election may signal defeat due to a plummeting economy and soaring inflation.

Biden already holds the title of oldest president in U.S. history, raising concern from voters who don’t believe he is fit to run for reelection. The president will be 81 during the next election cycle. Biden’s approval rating continues to remain at record low levels, and it is unknown whether he will be able to recover before Democrat and progressive groups find a replacement candidate.

A recently published Politico piece highlighted the internal Biden administration’s dissent over Biden’s handling of inflation. According to the author of the article, Chief Economic Correspondent Ben White, administration progressives are upset over the president’s handling of inflation and fearful actions of the Federal Reserve will force the economy into a recession.

According to White, “Inside the administration, the debates are getting more intense as the midterms approach, with Biden’s approval ratings at their lowest levels ever and the economy showing some signs of tilting toward a slowdown.”

Divisions within the Biden administration range from the economy, to the environment, to gas prices and social issues and the possible removal of President Trump’s tariffs on China. The administration is considering lifting the tariffs, and some progressives are advocating keeping them despite objections by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

“Progressives are troubled by Yellen’s robust backing of Powell’s rate-hike campaign as well as her support for lifting some China tariffs. On the China tariffs, White House progressives say that lifting the penalties would have a minimal impact on prices and could hurt American workers. Big labor groups are also mostly opposed to lifting the tariffs,” according to White.