FBI Leadership Politization Destroys Public Agency Trust

There are two versions of crucial confidential FBI source information involving evidence of the family of President Joe Biden’s foreign influence peddling — which can’t be authentic without seriously doubting the agency’s competence.

According to one story — reported by Christopher Wray, FBI Director, to GOP Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio, and House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Republican Chairman James Comer of Kentucky — that Alexander Smirnov, who said that during a conversation between corrupted Ukrainian energy company Burisma both Hunter Biden and his father who was Vice President Joe Biden were paid $5 million each.

On Maria Bartiromo’s February 5 “Sunday Morning Futures” program, Representative Comer recalled, “All we knew about Smirnov was the 1023 [form] allegation. We knew from sources that the FBI had never investigated it, and all we knew was what Christopher Wray told us, that this informant was one of their most trusted and highest paid in the bureau, and he had been in that position for over ten years, so that’s all we knew about him.”

Last May, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Comer issued a subpoena that demands Wray provide a copy of the 1023 form to House Committee on Oversight and Accountability members as well as accompanying documents and attachments, threatening to hold the director of the FBI in contempt if he refused.

The FBI declined to provide the document and argued it is bound by the policy of the Justice Department, which “strictly limits when and how confidential human source information can be provided outside of the FBI.”

The FBI story that contrasts it is that Alexander Smirnov, previously thought of as one of the agency’s most trusted, and whom they had paid significant sums over 14 years, was arrested Valentine’s Day after arrival from Las Vegas, charged with making false claims in regards to the Burisma Biden bribe accusations.

The FBI arrest on February 14 occurred only two days after Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, had testified in front of the House Oversight Committee as part of the impeachment inquiry that his father knew about and enabled influence peddling deals involving Russia, Ukraine, China, and other countries.

After release on bail, Smirnov, who is a dual citizen of Israel and the United States, was arrested a second time under the exact charges as a flight risk.

In the most recent iteration, prosecutors told investigators following his arrest that Smirnov had extensive and longstanding contacts with Russian spies, including individuals he identified as high-level intelligence officers who wanted to promote accusations of false bribery against the Biden family to influence the 2024 election.

One instance, for example, is the $1 billion Ukraine loan guarantee that then Vice President Biden threatened to hold back unless the government fired the prosecutor charged with investigating corruption charges against Burisma (who was paying his son Hunter a million-dollar salary for nothing besides serving as a no-show board member), Viktor Shoken.

We have also been asked to be blind to the bank records showing that the Biden family and their business associates received more than $10 million from companies related to foreign nationals when the elderly Biden was vice president.

Also, recall that the FBI sat on Hunter’s laptop demons for almost a year throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, while intelligence officials — including from the FBI — flagrantly dismissed it as having any earmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign.

As Representative Jordan said in his interview, if false claims are prosecuted, then why wasn’t Christopher Steele, an ex-British spy, ever indicted for completely inventing the Trump-Russian collusion charges Hillary Clinton’s campaign used against Trump in 2016, including the fake Moscow hotel tape?

Also, remember that no charges were filed against Peter Strozk, who was leading the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation against Trump’s 2016 campaign and was the lead attorney for the agency on the matter over text messages that indicated their true mission.

Strzok, in a text, referred to Donald Trump as “a f***ing idiot.” When Page worried Strzok about Trump winning, he wrote back, “No, he won’t. We’ll stop it.”

Both individuals retired with pensions and obtained new jobs — Strzok as a counterintelligence instructor at Georgetown University and Page as an MSNBC analyst.

The FBI spying on Trump started before he was elected and continues.

The agency omitted known facts in their FISA court spying filings that the dossier information used in 2017 to surveil the Trump campaign aid Carter Page was bogus.

Low-level FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty to altering evidence in exchange for skirting any severe federal prison time.

The August 8, 2023, armed pre-dawn raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in a ‘search’ for classified documents was in strong contrast to the minimal concerns over the documents found next to Joe Biden’s classic Corvette in his unsecured garage.

While the FBI was completely aware that the charges invented by Hillary in regards to the Trump-Russia collusion were made to deflect attention from her 33,000 illegally deleted email “issue” were “not technically plausible,” they nonetheless allowed him to be continually hounded by the untrue allegations through his entire presidency.

So…if we assume ‘trusted’ FBI informant Alexander Smirnov is a real-life Russian double agent working to fix the election — can you imagine anyone they’d prefer to throw it to than Putin’s declared preference — good ‘ol Joe Biden?