Feds Continue Blaming the Gun, Not the Gunman 

As predicted, with the 2024 presidential election only months away, Surgeon General of the United States Vivek Murthy declared a national health emergency Tuesday—not on an outbreak of Avian Flu or Monkeypox, but on a plan to make mail-in voting the standard.

Not even close.

Murthy issued an advisory declaring that “gun violence” was a public health crisis.

“It is now time for us to take this issue out of the realm of politics and put it in the realm of public health, the way we did with smoking more than a half-century ago,” said Murthy to the Associated Press.

Under the heading “Firearm risk reduction strategies,” Murthy’s advisory suggested: 

•        Expanding purchaser licensing laws and implementing universal background checks;

•        Banning large capacity magazines and assault weapons for civilian use;

•        Implementing effective firearm removal policies when individuals are a danger to others or themselves;

•        Requiring secure and safe firearm storage, including child access prevention laws; 

•        Treating firearms like other consumer products, including requiring safety features or safety testing;

•        and creating safer conditions related to firearm carry and use in public places.

President Joe Biden has been using the same old talking points long before he became president.

And the municipalities and states that have adopted them — like Chicago and California — have the most significant problems with deaths by firearms at the hands of criminals.

Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Alan Gottlieb, took issue with the Surgeon General’s implication that ownership of guns is a disease.

“This is just one more effort by the Biden administration to demonize guns and the law-abiding citizens who own them,” said Gottlieb.

“The problem with violent crime is not that it is a disease, but a symptom of failed leadership, from the White House on down. From the day he took office, Joe Biden has treated gun owners like social lepers. He considers us second-class citizens who should be ostracized as though we are spreading a plague.”

Gottlieb also serves as the executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, adding that both Biden and Murthy ignore crime’s real cause — the criminal.

“The real crisis in America is the failed policies of the Biden administration,” said Gottlieb. “Instead of focusing on locking up felons and disarming criminal gangs, he wants to disarm millions of honest gun owners whose only crime is that we exercise our right to keep and bear arms.”

Randy Kozuch, director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute of Legislative Action, fired off his own response.

“This is an extension of the Biden administration’s war on law-abiding gun owners,” began Kozuch’s statement.

“America has a crime problem caused by criminals. The reluctance to prosecute and punish criminals on the part of President Biden and many of his allies is the primary cause of that. That’s a simple fact.”

However, those aren’t only the beliefs of gun rights organizations. 

At least one law enforcement professional with decades of experience agrees with Kozuch and Gottlieb.

Former Police Chief James Craig disputed the claim that private firearms ownership was the problem three years ago.

“We don’t have a gun problem in America; we have a criminal problem,” said Craig in response to Joe Biden’s push for additional gun control. 

“Criminals don’t follow the law. They’re going to get guns.” Craig served previously as chief of police for Cincinnati, Detroit, and Portland, Maine.

“Years ago when President Obama was president, I made a statement that I believe, based upon my years as a practitioner — 44 years — that law-abiding citizens who are armed can have an impact on reducing violent crime. I believe that,” added Craig.

In fact — they do.

The Heritage Foundation reported Americans use their firearms defensively between 500,000 and three million times per year, according to a survey the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted.

A later study backed the CDC research, which also found the so-called high-capacity magazines and much-maligned AR-15-style rifles, targeted by Biden and Murthy, are in common use for lawful purposes, making them legal under the Second Amendment per SCOTUS. 

Disarming law-abiding gun owners so that only criminals will have arms because, as Chief Craig observed, “they’re going to get guns.”

Yep. That’s Joe Biden’s type of gun control.