Former President Trump: ‘Justice, Rule of Law Officially Dead’ in the U.S.

Former President Donald Trump released a lengthy statement late on Monday night, shortly after the Fulton County District Attorney’s office returned a 13-count indictment against him for allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 presidential results in Georgia. 

Trump said, “Justice and the rule of law are officially DEAD in America. A left-wing prosecutor — with such extreme anti-Trump bias that EVEN CNN questioned her legitimacy — has INDICTED me despite having committed NO CRIME.”

“This marks the FOURTH ACT of Election Interference on behalf of the Democrats in an attempt to keep the White House under Crooked Joe’s control and JAIL his single greatest opponent of the 2024 election,” continued Trump. 

“Let me remind you that just days before I announced my 2024 presidential campaign, Crooked Joe declared on national TV that serious efforts would be taken to stop me from being able to ‘take power’ again. We’re watching those efforts unfold as Crooked Joe’s henchmen follow their boss’ orders by targeting me in baseless witch hunts in an attempt to JAIL ME FOR LIFE as an innocent man,” said the former president. 

He continued, “The left-wing prosecutor orchestrating this latest witch hunt for Crooked Joe was caught ‘intermix(ing) her political fortunes with this case. Her bias was so terrible that she had to be REMOVED from one part of the case because of a “political conflict of interest” of her own creation.”

“But it’s not just the prosecutor…The FOREPERSON of the GRAND JURY broke a veil of secrecy by going on a media tour with the Fake News, GIGGLING on TV, about the idea of serving me with a subpoena and unjustly robbing me of my liberty. She said it would be ‘awesome’ to have the power to swear me in and teased possible indictments as if it were a movie trailer,” said Trump.

“Even the Fake News called her media circus show a ‘HORRIBLE IDEA’ and a ‘prosecutor’s nightmare.'”

“Our once free Republic where citizens were presumed innocent until proven guilty is gone. In its place is a Marxist Third World dictatorship led by an incompetent yet crooked tyrant who tries to place your fate in the hands of vengeful and corrupt prosecutors. Communism has finally reached America’s shores,” Trump said. 

“But while these certainly are dark times for our country, I will NEVER give up on America. The more I see these rogue prosecutors weaponize our legal system to criminalize dissent and imprison their political opponents, the stronger my resolve to save our country,” continued Trump. 

“Because I know that if these illegal persecutions succeed, if they’re allowed to set fire to the law, then it will not end with me… They’ll come for YOU. America is the greatest nation in history — and I WILL NEVER SURRENDER our country to these radical tyrants who seek to destroy it. Even after four sham indictments and a threat of HUNDREDS OF YEARS IN PRISON, I will never abandon our mission because the fate of our nation hangs in the balance in the 2024 election. It’s not just my freedom on the line, but yours as well — and I will NEVER let them take it from you,” said the former president. 

“If you are doing poorly right now due to the very sinister people who are ripping our country to shreds, then just hit the back button and go about your day. I seriously mean it! But if not, I don’t have to tell you that the stakes of this election have never been greater. Our Republican is hanging by a thread, and America needs you right now,” he concluded.

Forty-one count indictment charges Trump and former chief-of-staff 

In former President Trump’s recent 41-count indictment, count 28 charges Trump and Mark Meadows, his former chief-of-staff, about the former president’s infamous phone call imploring Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have” in Georgia. 

The indictment charges Meadows and Trump with solicitation or violation of oath by a public officer for the January 2, 2021, phone call. The indictment alleges that both men “unlawfully solicited, requested, and importuned” Raffensperger “to engage in conduct constituting the felony offense of Violation of Oath by Public Officer…by unlawfully altering, unlawfully adjusting, and otherwise unlawfully influencing the certified returns for presidential electors for the November 3, 2020, presidential election in Georgia.”

Additionally, Trump is charged with Count 29, “false statements and writings for several falsehoods about voter fraud in Georgia in his communications with Raffensperger, Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs, and Georgia Secretary of State General Counsel Ryan Germany on January 2, 2021.”