Former Trump Adviser Dick Morris: Ramaswamy, Opponents Won’t Be Trump’s VP

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy may compliment former President Trump frequently, but running against him for the nomination isn’t what will move the former president’s heart or win a place in his administration, according to Dick Morris, former adviser of Trump.

While speaking on “Saturday Report,” on Newsmax, Morris told host Rita Cosby that there may be a place for the Ohio entrepreneur in the cabinet if the former president returns to the White House. However, he doesn’t think Trump would pick Ramaswamy as a running mate. 

“Those who believe that the correct way to appeal to Donald Trump’s heart is to run against him in the primary are wrong,” said Morris. “He has no love for his opponents and whether they say good things or bad things about him.”

During the debate, Ramaswamy declared “President Trump, I believe, was the best president of the 21st century,” which lead former President Trump to say his rival for the nomination had a “win” in the debate “because of a thing called truth,” and thanked him.

Ramaswamy was the first candidate to raise his hand when a moderator asked who would support the former president if he were the party nominee.

Morris discussed Trump’s surging poll and fundraising numbers

Morris also discussed Trump’s surging fundraising and poll numbers in the wake of the release of his mug shot from Fulton County, Georgia, where he and numerous co-defendants are facing charges connected with the 2020 presidential election.

Trump has brought in millions since his mugshot was released, but Morris said he thinks “we’re making a mistake” because the former president’s surge is because of the picture, arrest, or indictment.

“It’s basically because he was such a good president and none of the other candidates on the Democrat and the Republican side at least have made the case [that they] should replace him,” Morris said. “Ramaswamy is the only one that seems to be getting any traction, [by] running on a platform of being just like Trump. From the words of the song, ‘there ain’t nothing like the real thing.'”

Without a single primary ballot cast, it is too soon to speculate who the GOP nominee for vice president will be. But, that hasn’t stopped political observers and voters from doing that. 

At events for DeSantis in early nominating states, some voters have said they wish the much younger DeSantis would run on the same ticket as Trump. 

“DeSantis is four years too early,” said a GOP voter in the crowd for a speech DeSantis gave in Iowa, Jim Mai. “Trump should run and have DeSantis as his vice president.” 

However, the 12th Amendment to the Constitution forbids Electoral College members from voting for a vice president and president from the same state as themselves. So, if Trump chose DeSantis, or another Florida resident like Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami, he would forfeit the state’s 30 electoral votes. 

One solution would be for Trump, who changes his residency to Florida after the 2020 election, to change his residence back to New York.