Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley: Border Crisis Falls on Biden and “It’s Unthinkable What He’s Allowing to Happen”

Former Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, recently sounded off about President Joe Biden’s allowing the border crisis to become so dire. She emphasized that every state is at the same risk as states along the southern U.S./Mexico border. 

“The U.N. is useless, we know that. But, at the end of the day, this all falls on Biden, and it’s unthinkable what he’s allowing to have happen. And I will tell you when we win in November, the House and Senate — the first bill they need to put on his desk — has to be something related to the border. They’ve got to make him do something. This is abusive on so many levels,” said Haley. “Every state is now a border state. We’re seeing it in our schools. We’re seeing it in our hospitals. You’re seeing at trafficking, and pressure’s on law enforcement is just wrong.”

Haley implored the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) to continue to provide arms and finances to Ukraine as part of a joint sign of strength against China and Russia. “NATO and the United States need to continue to support Ukraine because they’re almost here,” said Haley. “They just have to keep supporting them, not in blank checks, but give them the anti-drone equipment, give them what they need to finish the deal because this will set the tone not only for Russia but China.”

Since Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine, NATO has publicly Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently announced his country’s bid to join the alliance, stating, “De facto, we have already completed our path to NATO.”

NATO officials said in September that “a strong, independent Ukraine is vital for the stability of the Euro-Atlantic area” and emphasized that relations between the organization and Ukraine “have developed into one of the most substantial of NATO’s partnerships,” especially since Russia’s “illegal annexation” of the Crimea since 2014. 

According to Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the U.N., “Every democracy in Europe has the right to apply for NATO membership, and NATO allies respect that right. …Our focus now is on providing immediate support to Ukraine to help Ukraine defend itself against the Russian brutal invasion. And that’s the main focus and the main effort of NATO allies, as we speak.”

U.S. has not offered support for Ukraine’s bid to gain NATO

Stoltenberg continued saying that if the 30 NATO member countries reached a consensus, a decision could be made about Ukraine’s request to gain membership. Ukraine’s push for membership was not met with agreement by the United States. Jake Sullivan, U.S. National Security Advisor, said Ukraine’s bid to join NATO should be taken up “at a different time.”

According to Haley, “It’s hard. [Putin’s] got his tentacles in every agency. He’s always been paranoid. So [removing him from power] is going to be a hard thing. He’s dangerous. You can’t simply imply that he’s not. He’s dangerous, but he knows he’s falling. And he’s got to figure this out quick.”

China’s state-owned Global Times ramped up potential nuclear tensions with the West and United States if Ukraine’s bid for membership is accepted in a published editorial.

“In that case, there will be no security for anyone, not for Ukraine, and not for the world. Instead of pursuing resolutions to end the conflict, Washington has over and over again displayed that the U.S. is charging toward the other direction — fanning the flames of war.” 

China has tried to walk the tightrope of disapproving and supporting President Putin’s actions by saying it respects existing U.N. charters while maintaining its belief in territorial sovereignty. “China stands ready to work with members of the international community to continue to play a constructive part in de-escalation efforts,” said Mao Ning, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

According to the Associated Press, the leaders of Estonia, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Montenegro, Poland, and Lithuania, nine leaders from NATO countries, recently published a statement in support of Ukraine’s inclusion.  

Their statement read, “We support Ukraine in its defense against Russia’s invasion, demand (that Russia) immediately withdraw from all the occupied territories, and encourage all allies to increase their military aid to Ukraine substantially.”