House Republican Comer Asks Musk for Twitter Docs on Hunter Laptop

According to reports, a top GOP House member has asked new Twitter CEO Elon Musk to provide all of the company’s documents related to its possible suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Kentucky Republican Representative James Comer, the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, recently wrote to Musk asking for his cooperation, noting that Parag Agrawal, former Twitter CEO, failed to respond after a similar request made on April 20.

“Committee Republicans are investigating the Biden family’s pattern of influence peddling to enrich themselves and President Biden’s involvement in these schemes,” wrote Rep. Comer to Musk. “As part of this investigation, Committee Republicans are reviewing the role Big Tech — including Twitter — played in supporting the Biden campaign in 2020 by suppressing certain stories implicating the Bidens.”

Comer continued, “We hope you will correct this error made by the company’s former leadership and provide Americans with transparency. To that end, we request Twitter provide information regarding its previous leaders’ decision to limit information that may have affected the 2020 decision.”

Just days before the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post published a story from the laptop of the then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, showing possible questionable business dealings with Ukraine and China and involving the now-president.

Story, details kept from public

When the Post tweeted a link to its article, Twitter suspended its account, saying the “hacked” materials violated its rules. Facebook, now known as Meta, also limited any story sharing.

The story-sharing shutdown kept much of the story and details from the public, even though the hard drive has proven legitimate. The younger Biden left his laptop at a computer repair shop and never returned for it.

Polls have shown that many Biden voters said they would have voted differently if the media hadn’t led them to believe the story was false. The day following Twitter’s blocking of the Post’s stories, Jack Dorsey, then-CEO, tweeted, “Straight blocking of URLs was wrong, and we updated our policy and enforcement to fix.”

However, the Post’s account stayed locked for weeks, with Twitter demanding that tweets about Hunter Biden’s laptop be deleted.

“We believe open communication and access to information is a fundamental principle for any free people, and the American people deserve to know the reason Twitter suppressed or censored the Biden laptop story shortly before the 2020 election,” wrote Comer to Musk. “Committee Republicans are concerned Twitter inappropriately censored the Hunter Biden laptop story to influence the 2020 Presidential Election.”