If Trans Activists Get Their Way, Women Will Be Erased

Concern over “transgender” or “trans” policies in schools endangering girls and women by eliminating female-only spaces.

With incidents of trans students in bathrooms of the sex they ‘identify’ with increasing, school administrators need to start paying attention. Now!

No young woman should ever feel terror when trying to use a space that is designed to be used by biological women. Bathrooms and locker rooms are places designed to protect vulnerable women.

The fact is that young women in schools funded by tax funds don’t feel safe to use the bathrooms.

Although conservatives have frequently been accused of focusing on “bathroom bills” that try to put legal protections for women in female spaces into law, they are well aware this is about much more than bathrooms.

Threats to our girls and women in changing rooms and restrooms are only a minor symptom of a more significant movement to intimidate and eventually eliminate biological women.

Think about what else is happening in places like Kent State and on campuses nationwide.

In services for women’s health or the Department of Women’s Studies, you will increasingly find the use of the word “womxn.” This significant name change sends a clear signal to young women that anyone who proclaims themselves a “woman” is now included.

One example of this is when the Women in Engineering club recently held a “Womxn in STEM” event that focused on ways to encourage girls “and other gender minorities” to pursue careers in science and math. What “gender minorities” would this be referring to?

Maybe the men who identify as gender-nonconforming, non-binary, and transgender.

These are the same men intimidating women in public bathrooms, mocking women by dressing in drag, and trouncing them in athletic events.

We’re told it’s unacceptable to exclude men who identify as transgender, even if they are a head taller than their female counterparts, swim harder, and run faster because of changes that are irreversible and occur under the influence of male puberty’s testosterone.

That intimidation is not acceptable. We’ve suddenly become so inclusive that a man can waltz into the girls’ restroom.

As ridiculous as names like “womxn” are and how weird it is even to have to argue that men shouldn’t be in women’s restrooms, activists have worked hard for long periods to get us to this point. If you are shocked by the development at our universities, you have been in a fog.

The same month, a female student was intimidated by a bearded man in the women’s bathroom; Kent University hosted its yearly “Sex Week.” The events called the Wild (West) Sex Week, included an astounding array of X-rated, degrading content — paid for by Ohio tax dollars.

There is a clear connection between the endlessly expanding sex obsession being promoted on our college campuses, men staring down women in college restrooms, and “womxn” taking over female spaces.

Imagine being a young woman encountering a threatening man in a location only meant for biological women. Imagine if it was your daughter calling you from college, terrified following an experience like this.

It isn’t a big stretch.

Ohio isn’t the only place where colleges are pushing the inclusion of “womxn” and Sex Week, even if it endangers women.

Schools across the country — including elementary, middle, and high schools — are asking biological men to come into locker rooms and restrooms. 

These are all things to consider for parents who want to protect their daughters. We used to be able to send our children to school to learn. It was simple.

But how can they learn when they must fear for their safety every day?

What are taxpayers paying for now that over-the-top inclusion has become such a massive threat? It is time for us to look closer.