Joe Biden Seemed ‘Normal’ in 2020 — Then Along Came His Abnormal Presidency

Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential contest by appearing ‘normal.’ There was nothing remarkable about him.

He seemed like a steady hand who knew the ropes by being around for decades. He didn’t sound or look like a radical and knew how Washington functioned.

He wasn’t charismatic, witty, the leader of a movement, or well-spoken. In fact, he was wholly conventional and utterly uninteresting. He was the most normal person in the room.

He is profitable from a favorable contrast with the interesting, magnetic, always outrageous President Donald Trump.

If the Democrats hope to conduct a rerun of the 2020 campaign, they will again have to put Biden up against Trump.

But this time is different—the formerly safe candidate is no longer present and will never return. Generic, acceptable Joe didn’t survive his presidency intact. 

He destroyed his reputation with his chaotic, disastrous mishandling of Afghanistan.

It isn’t only that he took out our allies at the knee and abandoned Americans on the ground. The withdrawal was accompanied by images of desperation and chaos on the ground — reminiscent of the Fall of Saigon — but continued to insist everything was fine.

Following this, it was impossible to look at the president similarly; his approval rating has never recovered.

You might believe Biden was dealt a lousy hand in Afghanistan or that after 20 years, the U.S.’s intervention had to end one way or another.

However, the border is even more damaging.

Biden took an under-control situation, exploded it, and refused to adjust when the consequences became apparent. He then insisted the crisis wasn’t a crisis as it started to be felt across the country and engaged in inexplainable blame-shifting. 

This wasn’t competent or moderate. It also wasn’t normal.

Even if Biden’s record were without blemish, the way he speaks and walks now would make it impossible for him to be a conventional politician again.

Never in the modern media era have we seen a president this infirm.

It is not what anyone expects from the American president, a role linked to energy, vigor, and often youth.

It is very unsettling to watch President Biden bumble and mumble through speeches, mix up old memories and names, get confused about stage directions, and walk so awkwardly and stiffly that he is at risk of falling or stumbling at any time.

A president is supposed to reassure the public with his demeanor and words, but Biden now essentially does the opposite.

For most people, he doesn’t even meet the most basic standard of capability of performing his duties for another four-year term.

Democrats are jubilant over the president’s adequate State of the Union performance, but Biden shouting his way through a heavily rehearsed speech on his teleprompter didn’t make him seem any younger and won’t alleviate well-founded concerns over his age.

In the latest poll by The New York Times, 71% of people strongly or somewhat agree that Joe Biden is “just too old to be president.”

Donald Trump — considered an outlier to some political camps — is now matched against another outlier.

President Biden’s ‘normality’ advantage in 2020 is long gone, and defeating his GOP adversary has become much more difficult.