Latest Gallup Poll: 63% of Americans Dissatisfied With Soaring Immigration Level

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans are more dissatisfied with the levels of immigration into the U.S. than they have been in a decade. Republicans are more upset than Democrats, and older Americans are more upset than younger ones. 

Results of the poll on immigration show almost three-quarters of respondents say they are dissatisfied with the current immigration levels, 63%. Immigration satisfaction dropped by six percent, from 34% in January 2022 to 28% today. 

GOP members favor less immigration by an overwhelming margin of 71%, saying levels are too high, compared to only 19% of Democrats who feel similarly.

The number of Republicans upset about immigration being too high this year reached the highest level ever recorded by Gallup for the party. 

Among older Americans, dissatisfaction with immigration has surged among Americans 55 and older, which rose from 21% in 2021 to 55% today. 

Over the same time, it has increased substantially among middle-aged adults, from 35 to 54, and rising from 23% to 40%, while little change was seen among younger adults. 

The percentage of adults who want less immigration has risen sharply over the past two years, from l9% in 2021 to 35% in 2022 and 40% today. The number had not reached the highs it reached in the first few years following the 9/11 terrorist attacks when it was seen ranging from 44% to 52%. Gallup said it is the highest seen since 2016.

Polls mirror the chaotic situation at the border

According to Gallup, the recent negative attitude toward immigration reflects the chaotic situation at the southern border. The United States government reported a fourfold annual increase in the number of migrants attempting the cross into the U.S. in 2021, with the figure soaring to 1.7 million. 

Gallup reported that encounters reached more than 2 million in 2022.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) estimates that the figure could double if former President Donald Trump’s pandemic-era policy allowing border agents to expel migrants without offering them the opportunity to seek asylum is reversed.

The DHS is continuing to prepare for the end of the Title 42 public health order, currently the topic of multiple court orders, and return to using the Department’s Title 8 immigration authorities’ processing of all noncitizens. 

President Joe Biden said immigration reform is a bipartisan issue during his State of the Union address last week, saying, “America’s border problems won’t be fixed until Congress acts.”

The poll was conducted January 2-22 and surveyed 1,011 adults. It had a sampling error margin of 4 percentage points.