Latest Revelations from Bombshell U.S. Intel Leak: Russia Boasted of Deal with UAE, Egypt Had Plans to Supply Putin With Arms

Spies from the U.S. caught Russia boasting of a new alliance with the oil-wealthy United Arab Emirates, according to documents from the Pentagon released in a wide-reaching leak. Intelligence officers from Russia said they had convinced the UAE “to work together against U.S. and U.K. intelligence agencies,” according to the documents. 

The government of the UAE dismissed any accusations that it had deepening Russian intelligence ties as “categorically false.”

However, the report comes amid U.S. concerns that the U.S. is ceding influence in the Middle East to adversaries like Russia and China. China brokered a surprise peace deal with Iran and Saudi Arabia only last month.

Other leaked documents revealed that Egypt was preparing to send arms to Russia. Egypt, long considered one of the United States’ closest allies, has received close to $100 billion in aid from the U.S. over the past 50 years. It recently ordered about 40,000 rockets to be shipped secretly to Russia.

One part of the top-secret February 17 document reportedly contained conversations with President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi of Egypt and other senior military officials referencing plans to supply Russia with gunpowder and artillery rounds, according to a report from the Washington Post.

Sisi told officials to keep the shipment and production secret “to avoid problems with the West.”

The document was among a trove of images of top secret and secret files posted in February and March on Discord, a gamer chat app.

Over the past year, Egypt has remained neutral throughout the Ukraine-Russia conflict. A senior government official said U.S. intelligence is “not aware of any execution” of the plan for Egypt to sell arms to Russia. 

Official: “Egypt’s position from the beginning…based on noninvolvement in this crisis”

In response to questions regarding the document, Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, said, “Egypt’s position from the beginning is based on noninvolvement in this crisis and committing to maintain equal distance with both sides while affirming Egypt’s support to the U.N. charter and international law in the U.N. General Assembly resolutions.”

“We continue to urge both parties to cease hostilities and reach a political solution through negotiations,” said Abu Zeid.

In the meantime, the White House admitted on Monday it doesn’t know if additional Pentagon documents regarding secret operations will leak. 

John Kirby, National Security Council spokesman, told reporters that it is an ongoing investigation, and there are few answers regarding how the massive classified leak happened. 

When asked if the Pentagon was preparing for more leaks, Kirby said, “The truth and the honest answer to your question are: ‘We don’t know.’ And is that a matter of concern to us? You’re darn right it is.”