Marjorie Taylor Greene Ousted by House Freedom Caucus After Lauren Boebert Spat

The House Freedom Caucus ousted GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia in late June, resulting in the first official expulsion in the history of the group of conservative lawmakers.

GOP aides confirmed that Greene was ejected from the conservative hardline caucus only weeks after she cursed out fellow member Boebert of Colorado, calling her a “little bitch” on the floor of the House.

“A vote was taken to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the House Freedom Caucus for some of the things she’s done,” said GOP Representative Andy Harris of Maryland, adding that it was “an appropriate action.”

“I think the way she referred to a fellow member was probably not the way we expect our members to refer to other fellow, especially female, members,” added Harris.

Greene said Thursday that while she is willing to work with “anyone” who advocates for conservative policy goals, she serves “no group” on Capitol Hill other than her constituents.

“In Congress, I serve Northwest Georgia first and serve no group in Washington,” said Greene.

“My America First credentials, guided by my Christian faith, are forged in steel, seared into my character, and will never change. I fight every single day in the halls of Congress against the hate-America Democrats who are trying to destroy this country. I will work with ANYONE who wants to secure our border, protect our children inside the womb and after they are born, end the forever foreign wars, and do the work to save this country,” said Greene.

“The GOP has less than two years to show America what a strong, unified Republican-led congress will do when President Trump wins the White House in 2024. This is my focus, nothing else,” added the Georgia Republican.

Taylor Greene lashed out at Boebert in May because of resolution

In mid-June, Greene lashed out at Boebert after the Coloradan introduced a resolution to impeach President Joe Biden that Greene believed was identical to articles she put forward in May.

“I’ve donated to you; I’ve defended you. But, you’ve been nothing but a little bitch to me,” said Greene to Boebert in an exchange that was caught on C-SPAN. “And you copied my articles of impeachment after I asked you to co-sponsor them.”

Boebert responded with a shrug, “OK, Marjorie, we’re through.”

“We were never together,” retorted Greene.

Boebert forced a vote on the floor of the House on the resolution, which ended up getting kicked back to House committees.

“I’ve introduced articles of impeachment, and each time I do so, along with my other bills, I communicate with all of my Republican colleagues and ask for support by asking their co-sponsorship because I co-sponsor many other Republican bills,” said Greene later. “I had asked her to co-sponsor my articles of impeachment against Joe Biden on the border, and she never responded and apparently refused to do so.”

Taylor Greene had broken with the right flank of the party in recent months over debt ceiling negotiations.

The congresswoman, who joined the Freedom Caucus after being elected to Congress in 2020, had broken with the party’s right flank in recent months over negotiations over the debt ceiling and her support for Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

Boebert later said she didn’t run for Congress to “just get in spats with people.”

GOP Representative Scott Perry of Pennsylvania chairs the roughly 35-member caucus, with GOP Representative Chip Roy of Texas serving as policy chair. Republican Representative, Warren Davidson of Ohio, serves as the HFC whip, with Boebert fourth in line as communications chair.