Media Has Abandoned the Mission Our Founders Gave It 

The cover-up of President Joe Biden’s mental and physical infirmities is the final nail in the coffin of the legacy liberal media — formerly known as our national media.

The conspiracy to bury the many faults of former President Barack Obama and, until the debate, the many physical and mental failings of current President Joe Biden has come home to roost.

We are witnessing a crucial turning point in U.S. history. They are dwindling in readership and viewership. The Washington Post is losing millions per year. No one trusts or watches CNN or MSNBC — their viewership has plummeted. 

We, the people of the United States, are onto their game. No longer will the corporate liberal media force Americans to spout false truths.

The “big con” has been exposed, and now that it’s out in the open, the consequences will be enormous.

Two weeks ago, the trick on American voters came to a head following Joe Biden’s horrific debate performance.

His debate “performance” was ruinous. Calamitous. Disastrous. I could keep going.

For the past three and half years, Biden’s news media (aka the state media) has been working overtime as guardians of the president’s now apparent physical and mental deterioration. 

It started with Obama.

The liberal national media was dumbfounded by the election of a young Black candidate — despite being completely unqualified — and kicked it into overdrive, covering up his many faults and shortcomings.

They tripped all over themselves over Obama’s charisma and didn’t even flinch when it was revealed his administration was taping conversations of reporters they deemed to be “political enemies.”

Former President Richard Nixon was brought down for such behaviors, but they never even took notice in Obama’s case.

•        The liberal media and establishment swamp circled the wagons.

•        The wheels of justice never even got moving.

An adversarial press had functioned well for 200 years, as the Framers designed.

When the Bill of Rights was crafted, the Framers didn’t like the broadsheets and pamphleteers of the era.

They hated them, in fact, and complained about them frequently.

Thomas Jefferson described the “malignancy, vulgarity, and mendaciousness” of the media of his era when he described its “putrid state.”

James Madison also spoke of the “abuse” of the media of that time.

However, they saw the media of that time as a valuable ally of the people versus their government. It was jammed strangely in the First Amendment with personal freedom like speech, assembly, religion, and others, but the Founders knew it was crucial. And at the time, it worked.

John Adams imprisoned newspaper editors who violated his Anti-Sedition Acts and crossed him. Abraham Lincoln also imprisoned newspaper editors who displeased him.

Later, John F. Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson, and FDR complained about the media that opposed each of them, but the point was that the press was doing its job and bringing the uncomfortable to the comfortable…as the Framers intended.

All of that changed with the rise of Barack Obama.

The legacy media has always been biased, at least until FDR’s New Deal in the last century, but they were also professional journalists and just doing their jobs.

This election year spells out the start of the end of the liberal, corporate, establishment media. Their ultimate defeat. And with it, a new antiestablishment media has risen.

Thank the Lord for talk radio, Fox News, Newsmax, The Washington Times, the Washington Examiner, independent columnists, the internet, and several other outlets.

This new media establishment can be depended on to tell the facts about the government. 

The old legacy liberal media can no longer be trusted to carry out the mission the Founders created for them so long ago.