Melania Trump Hints at a Return to the White House

Melania Trump, the former first lady and wife of former President Donald Trump broke her media silence over the weekend.

In an interview with “Fox and Friends” host Pete Hegseth the former first lady said that it was “sad to see” what is happening in the United States when she was asked about her sense of the state of the country.

“I think it’s sad to see what’s going on if you really look deeply into it. I think a lot of people are struggling and suffering and what is going on around the world as well. So it’s very sad to see, and I hope it changes fast,” Melania said.

The former first lady was interviewed from her home in Florida, where she has spent most of her time since leaving the White House in Washington, D.C.

The Fox host asked her what she thought about D.C. because her husband often referred to the city as “a swamp.”

Melania responded that she liked the city even though it operated very differently than any other city, and she said that she enjoyed living in the White House.

“To be first lady of the United States was my greatest honor. I think we achieved a lot in the four years of Trump administration. I enjoyed taking care of the White House. It was my home for a while. I understood it is people’s house. And it was, it was a privilege to live there,” she said.

The most intriguing part of the interview was the three-word answer to the question of whether the White House would ever be her home again.

Trump simply answered, “Never say never.”

Cover flap

Melania went on to describe how much she and former President Trump’s administration achieved in four years.

She also talked about her NFT projects, non-fungible tokens sold on her website. They are digital collectibles authenticated by the blockchain that people see as digital art.

NFTs are being purchased by cryptocurrency. In the case of the former first lady, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the items goes to support foster children. 

Melania didn’t shy away when she was asked why she was never on the cover of Vogue while she was the first lady.

The current first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, is presently on the cover. Hegseth mentioned that Vice President Kamala Harris was on the cover before she was sworn in, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton graced the front cover when she was the first lady, and former First Lady Michelle Obama had the honor three times. 

The Fox host said that with Melania’s business background as well as her fashion background there seemed to be a double standard happening that kept her from being on the cover of Vogue.

“They’re biased, and they have likes and dislikes. And it’s so obvious. And I think American people and everyone see it. It was their decision. And I have much more important things to do and I did in the White House than being on the cover of Vogue,” Trump responded.

Donald Trump has on a number of occasions alluded to a second presidential run in 2024.

The former president has been traveling on what he calls his American Freedom Tour. In March, Trump told a crowd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that he would be back and he would be better and strong than ever before.

At the event, he said that in 2024 that they were going to take back “our beautiful White House.”