Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves Seeking ‘Complete Elimination’ of Income Tax as He Runs for Re-Election

Republican Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves is seeking “complete elimination” of the state’s income tax, saying that if he is re-elected to the position this year, there is “a path to do so.”

In a recent interview, Reeves said he is fully committed to continuing his work in the state and is looking to work toward several goals and promises he made since he assumed office. 

“I’m seeking a second term to be the governor of the state of Mississippi because we’ve made such tremendous progress over the last three years pushing conservative values and ensuring that we do a fantastic job of investing in our people,” said Reeves. “We’ve been very successful at seeing our economy grow. We’ve stressed freedom in difficult times, and our people have responded.”

Gov. Reeves touts Mississippi’s unemployment rate, the lowest in state history

Reeves also touted Mississippi’s unemployment rate as the lowest in state history. The governor first took office in 2019 and said that although there is “more work to do,” things are “going well” in the state.

Governor Reeves signed the state’s most significant income tax cut in April and said if he wins a second gubernatorial term, he will work further to eliminate income tax in Mississippi.

“The No. 1 example of what I want to continue working on the second term is the complete elimination of the income tax in our state,” said Reeves. “In 2016, we passed the largest tax cut in Mississippi history. Last year, I signed into law an even bigger tax cut for the people of Mississippi. We’ve reduced our income tax. There are 41 states across America that have a personal income tax. Today, Mississippi has the fifth-lowest. I want Mississippi to join those nine states that have no income tax, and we have a path to do so.”

Reeves said the idea of eliminating income tax is resonating with voters. 

“I believe that the voters of Mississippi are with us. They understand that government doesn’t have anything that doesn’t first take from somebody else. And if we could eliminate our income tax, we could become more competitive economically with Texas, with Florida, with Tennessee.”

When asked about his message to voters before the state’s primary election, which is scheduled for August 8, Reeves suggested they should “simply look at my record.”

“When I ran in 2019, I made promises to voters on what I was going to work on, and the last four years, we’ve worked every day to fulfill those promises. I think that’s what politicians ought to do. They ought to tell the voters what they want to do, and then they ought to go out and actually do it,” said Reeves.

“When I think about one of the messages that’s going to certainly reach the forefront, I have to think about the fact that Mississippi led the way in overturning Roe v. Wade. In fact, I would argue that that’s one of the — if not the — biggest accomplishments in the conservative movement in my lifetime.”

The Mississippi general election for governor is scheduled for November 7.