Musk’s Twitter Deal, Trump Truth Social Launch ‘Scares Liberals,’ says Nunes

Truth Social, a media and technology company founded last year by former President Donald Trump, has seen tremendous success, consistently landing near or at the top of the Apple App Store rankings.

However, according to the former California Representative, now CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, there is still much work ahead for the fledgling platform.

Nunes explained that all users should know, “We’re not going to censor people for their opinions,” regardless of the poster’s political leanings.

“We don’t have bots. We don’t tolerate some fat, liberal dude in his basement, generating a thousand fake accounts” to attach personalities, other media accounts, or the general public, said Nunes.

“We don’t have that. If you’re on Truth, there’s probably a 99.9 chance of all your followers being real.”

In the short period since it began operating, Truth Social has reportedly drawn ire and attention from President Joe Biden’s “Misinformation Board.”

The misinformation board was “precisely created to what we’re doing here at Truth Social. We’ve been open now for basically a week. We’ve been No. 1 at the (Apple) App Store for most of that time. We’re open now to millions of Americans,” said Nunes, adding the board “knows they can’t control us here at Truth.”

According to Nunes and other conservative pundits, billionaire Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, combined with Truth Social’s launch, has liberals worried.

“The combination of all this is scaring the Democrats. They see their grasp on power slipping away.” Both platforms have promised to prioritize free speech for everyone.

According to Nunes, Democrats control “95%” of Americans’ news messages.

“And by controlling social-media companies, they just feed that poison right into people’s (smartphones),” he former representative said. “And here at Truth, we’re ending that. It’s over for them.”

Nunes continued, “I’m sitting here [promoting Truth Social], and Donald Trump started this company for one reason, and one reason only: We have nowhere else to go. There was no other option. You never know what (Trump) will post,” Nunes said.

“His posts are real,” which “helps him connect with the American people.”

Truth Social plans to open up on other platforms — it is currently only available on smartphones — in the upcoming weeks.