Opinion: New Hampshire Primary Could Send President Biden a Message He Doesn’t Want 

The Democrats and President Joe Biden have warned America gravely that democracy is what is on the ballot in 2024. If so, why do they continue to disenfranchise Democrat voters in the New Hampshire primary, and why is he performing so severely there?

The Democrat Party is punishing the Granite State for not allowing South Carolina to swap places with it and become the first-in-the-nation primary, punished by having their votes not count.

The hope is it would cause the country to ignore the contest, but Democrat Congressman Dean Phillips may make the president regret his antidemocratic and hasty strategy.

When Democrats tell the story, South Carolina’s elevation is a necessary and long-overdue change, allowing for a more diverse state to replace significantly white New Hampshire because it always has to be about race.

Could it be only a coincidence that voters in New Hampshire humiliated Joe Biden in 2020, where he came in at only 8% of the vote, while his triumph in South Carolina saved his presidential campaign?

This is pure politics of the worst type.

Sometimes, politics backfires, and the president looks like a disaster when Dem voters across New Hampshire head to the polls Tuesday.

It’s correct because New Hampshire ignored the Democrat Party; they’re holding their first primary as usual, although it may not count. Also, Joe Biden isn’t even on the ballot — by choice.

But guess what? Rep. Dean Phillips is.

Some polling in Minnesota shows the dark horse as high as 20-25%, with the president hovering around 50%, a number so dismal for an incumbent candidate that it may not be survivable in a general election.

Before Donald Trump, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter were the last two presidents to lose bids for re-election. Both former presidents won New Hampshire without garnering 50% but saw significant challenges from Pat Buchanan and Ted Kennedy, respectively.

This is precisely the scenario the Democrats’ frequent ploy was made to avoid.

The liberal news media wants the public to believe they should pay no attention to voters in New Hampshire — but Americans are seeing through the spin.

But here it is — if Phillips performs well in the Granite State, the public has no obligation to ignore the result.

Apologies to team Biden; whether the sitting president chose to have his name on the ballot is a significant story.

However, Phillips isn’t resting on his accolades and accepting Biden will be the nominee. He has a campaign team comprising several of Andrew Yang’s staff. 

This isn’t supposed to happen. The president is now defending himself against another nightmare in New England.

The motto of New Hampshire is ‘Live Free or Die,” and people will vote whether the Dems like it or not. Honestly, it’s fun.

President Biden insists democracy is on the ballot because the American public is leaning toward a candidate that isn’t him. The message of the Democratic Party to New Hampshire has been, we don’t like your demographics; you don’t matter, and you will be ignored.

Democrats in New Hampshire may have their message for leadership of the party and a president plummeting in the polls, and the message could be anybody but Joe. 

But don’t sleep on New Hampshire Democrats; don’t allow the president and his party to pull a fast one. History tells us incumbent presidents who falter in this primary don’t get second terms.

Joe Biden could be looking at something he may have never seen — a dangerous, serious primary challenge.

It’s what the country deserves.