New McLaughlin Poll: Majority Say Joe Biden Looking to Jail Donald Trump to Stop Him

A new McLaughlin poll finds that many Americans believe the country is becoming a virtual dictatorship, with the majority saying President Joe Biden wants to jail former President Donald Trump to stop his electoral chances.

It should be noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin was just reelected with 88% of the vote. However, he achieved this by jailing Alexei Navalny, his leading political opponent, and many of his supporters. Navalny sadly recently died while in prison.

Biden’s playbook against Trump looks pretty similar, and most American voters believe it.

In the new nationwide poll, 56% of all voters believe the president wants to block Trump from winning by jailing him. The poll of 1,000 likely voters was completed between March 9 and 14. It had a plus or minus 3.1% at a 95% confidence interval.

Only 30% of those polled said it is untrue that Biden is trying to put Trump in jail.

A supermajority of GOP voters, 86%, agree President Biden has weaponized the justice system against Trump. 

This issue isn’t partisan.

Independents also agree 50% to 33% that President Biden is looking to jail the former president for entirely political reasons, with moderates in agreement 48% to 32%.

The president’s own party also has a negative view of Joe Biden’s actions, with Black voters at 41%, Hispanics at 53%, and women agreeing at 53%. 

President Biden and his legal eagles have made Trump a victim voters feel sympathy for.

It is terrifying that we have reached this point after 235 years of democracy and peaceful transitions of power.

Here are more of the poll’s findings:

•        56% to 31% say there is bias and a double standard at Biden’s IRS, Department of Justice, and FBI, where they target Donald Trump, but Biden’s family is given special treatment.

•        52% to 38% say the indictments against Trump happened because he leads Biden in the polls, and they want him stopped.

•        58% to 34% say Biden should stop interfering with the election and targeting Trump, allowing voters to choose their next president.

•        58% say Biden has played a significant role in Trump’s indictments.

•        67% say politics has played a role in Trump’s indictments.

Regardless, Donald Trump leads Biden 49% to 43% in a presidential poll — Trump’s most significant lead this year.

The reasons Trump has succeeded and Joe Biden is weak are simple.

Sixty-six percent of voters say the country is on the wrong track, and 56% disapprove of Joe Biden’s job as president.

Faced with significant challenges related to international crises and the economy, the Biden campaign has changed gears from winning on issues to winning like Putin—putting the opposition in jail.

Thankfully, voters see right through Biden’s strategy and are solidly rejecting it.