New York Attorney General Letitia James Set to Host ‘Drag Story Hour’ for Kids in NYC — Sparking Outrage

Letitia James, Attorney General of New York, is scheduled to host a “Drag Story Hour” for children in Manhattan this weekend, sparking outrage over the use of taxpayer money to fund the already-controversial event. 

James, as well as several elected fellow Democratic state and city leaders plan to attend Sunday’s event, which is located in the West Village where “families with children” are invited to participate in the event and watch drag performers read books over four hours.

The AG’s March 19 event is co-sponsored by a nonprofit that has received a slew of taxpayer funds, Drag Story Hour NYC, allowing them to send drag performers into libraries and public schools to interact with children as young as three.

“My office is proud to host a Drag Story Hour read-a-thon,” wrote James on Instagram while she promoted her event. “We’re inviting families to join us at the @lgbtcenternyc with @dragstoryhour, drag storytellers, community leaders, and elected officials.”

Word of the event triggered an intense backlash on Twitter, with some voicing concern that New Yorkers’ tax dollars were “hard at work grooming kids.”

“Why?? Why???? What is the purpose of government funding drag queens for children? To teach tolerance? BS,” tweeted the New York Young Republican Club’s finance chairman, Matt Antar. 

“Drag is a profession, not a ‘type of person.’ A profession where adult men do exaggerated female impersonations often scantily clad with sexual themes…This is not the way,” continued Antar. 

A conservative influencer, Ashley St. Clair, tweeted, “The ‘family-friendly’ event will take place at the ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center.’ Your tax dollars are hard at work grooming kids!”

A former spokesman for President Donald Trump’s campaign, Steve Cortes, added, “This kind of explicit targeting of children is just evil.”

“Grownups want to dress in drag? More power to them. But what is the fascination with wanting people to bring their kids to your drag show?” tweeted TV personality, Judge Alex Ferrer.

The Libs of TikTok tweeted, “Our tax dollars are being used by government officials to fund and promote the sexualization of our children.”

Drag queen story hours have increasingly drawn backlash and protests

Since 2017, drag queen story hours for children have been held at public libraries across New York City; however, the events have recently drawn violent protests and backlash. In December, cops were forced to step in when opposing protests plunged into chaos outside a story hour in Jackson Heights, Queens. 

Footage from the Queens protests shows some protesters wielding a Proud Boys flag while shouting, “Leave the kids alone!” at event supporters. 

Weeks before, protestors that were holding signs that said “stop grooming kids for sex” were seen on camera shouting outside a drag story hour taking place in the Queens borough. The events come as some GOP-led states are looking to ban the events altogether. 

In Arkansas, Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants to block drag shows from taking place on any public property in the state — a move Sanders claims will protect children from being exposed to “sexually explicit drag shows.”