Newly Inaugurated Arkansas Governor Sarah Sanders Bans Critical Race Theory, Series of New Executive Orders

Newly inaugurated Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed an executive order Tuesday shortly after taking her oath of office to ban the teaching of critical race theory in Arkansas schools.

“Schools must educate, not indoctrinate students,” according to the order. “Critical Race Theory (CRT) is anti-ethical to the traditional American values of neutrality, equality, and fairness,” it continued.

The new Department of Education secretary is required by the order to identify any promotion of CRT and review the department. The secretary must then “amend, annual, or alter those rules, regulations, policies, materials, or communications to remove the prohibited indoctrination.”

“As long as I am governor, our schools will focus on the skills our children need to get ahead in the modern world — not brainwashing our children with a left-wing political agenda,” said Huckabee Sanders.

Additionally, “The Secretary shall ensure that no school employee or student shall be required to attend training or orientations based on prohibited indoctrination or CRT. The order states that “teachers and school administrators should teach students how to think — not what to think.”

The order points out that it is not prohibiting the discussion of historical topics or ideas that may relate to civil rights or protected classes.

Huckabee Sanders, the daughter of former Republican Governor Mike Huckabee, is the state’s first female governor. She also served former President Trump as his White House press secretary.

Huckabee Sanders signs seven executive orders

The new Arkansas governor wasted little time after taking office, signing seven executive orders only hours after taking the oath. The orders addressed several issues, including emphasizing government regulations, waste in government spending, social issues, and the use of the term ‘Latinx,’ which was banned as discriminatory.

Huckabee Sanders also signed an order imposing a freeze on new state regulations and new government hiring. The hiring moratorium for any Arkansas government job, either a vacant or new position, is halted, and the hiring process is terminated for anyone currently in the interview process or has yet to receive a formal offer of employment.

If a state department needs to hire, it must first submit a request to the Department of Transformation and Shared Services and have the request reviewed by the Governor’s Executive Review.

The freeze does not apply to jobs with the Arkansas Department of Public Safety or Department of Corrections or federally funded positions. Judicial and legislative branch hires are also exempt from the executive order.

At Huckabee Sanders’ inauguration, which took place in Little Rock, the new governor pledged also to make education reform a top priority.