NPR’s Rot Runs Deep at NPR —This Must Be Done Now

National Public Radio (NPR) has 87 registered Democrats and zero registered GOP members working in its Washington, D.C., newsroom. So… they’re preaching to the choir daily. Over two-thirds of listeners are liberals, and barely more than one out of ten leans conservative.

Have moderates and Republicans in Congress put an end to it? Of course not. Yet that is exactly what should be done. It is extremely unfair to American taxpayers and a clearly dysfunctional way to operate a highway system funded by the federal government. 

However, that is precisely how things work at the nation’s largest public radio news organization, and that is why GOP Representative Jim Banks is introducing the Defund NPR Act. 

However, taxpayers, who send NPR almost 100 million dollars annually in federal funding — via the American people — lean conservative. Why should they be required to pay for a radio station they don’t enjoy listening to? Their money doesn’t go to NPR’s conservative alternative, but there should be no exception for far-left radio.

The issue isn’t just that NPR doesn’t appear to right-leaning Americans. It is much worse. The core of the problem is that NPR hates Republicans and the values they hold.

According to their new CEO, Katherine Maher, “the number one challenge here [to censoring Americans] that we see is, of course, the First Amendment of the United States.”

Maher believes “our reverence for the truth might be a distraction that’s getting in the way of finding common ground and getting things done.” The new CEO is expected to be paid around $600,000 yearly from American taxpayers, is openly disdainful of objective journalism and our Constitution, and advocates for suppressing speech she disagrees with. According to Maher, “Donald Trump is a racist.” She probably feels the same about supporters of Donald Trump. 

Sadly, the rot is deeply embedded at NPR, and no simple fix exists. Even though firing Maher would be the correct thing to do, it won’t save the station. 

NPR has an enormous DEI staff that ensures everything published by the outlet is “woke” enough. According to 25-year veteran of NPR, Uri Berliner, who recently resigned, these partisan administrators intensely monitor individuals interviewed by reporters, host employee infinity groups, including a “Marginalized Genders and Intersex People mentorship program” and group for “Women, Gender-Expansive, and Transgender People in Technology Throughout Public Media,” and run “unconscious bias” training sessions. 

NPR has for years been a liberal propaganda machine.

During the first Trump impeachment hoax of former President Trump in 2019, Rep. Banks went on NPR for the final time. He pointed out Democrat Representative Adam Schiff of California, who was leading the impeachment hoax and lied about his relationship with alleged Ukraine “whistleblower,” a man known now as Eric Ciaramella, and the New York Times published a report that confirmed Banks’ statement the same day as the interview. However, NPR still published a ridiculous “correction,” accusing him of “misinformation” and apologizing to their listeners for airing the interview. Of course, NPR continuously invited Schiff to spread lies about the Russia hoax 25 times.

The ugly truth is that NPR is just as biased, if not more biased, than left-wing outlets like MSNBC or CNN. Activists at NPR like Maher aren’t hiding anymore: Their mission is to glorify Democrat politicians and indoctrinate the U.S. public. 

Congress shouldn’t give NPR another dime.