One Thing Is Certain Following Fani Willis’s Courtroom Embarrassment 

Whatever goodwill Fani Willis, Fulton County District Attorney, had with individuals who don’t have strong feelings in either direction about former President Donald Trump was wasted in a courtroom in Atlanta by DA Willis’s embarrassing and absurd spectacle of childish and unprofessional behavior by someone who is supposed to be fair-minded and a professional prosecutor.

Instead of acknowledging that she used terrible judgment in having an affair with her special prosecutor, Willis claimed righteous indignation. Instead of conceding that she got caught, she picked a fight in the courtroom with an attorney who was merely defending her client as required by the Constitution.

Although she made other claims, Willis entered the courtroom appearing extremely agitated and gave the impression she had been viewing the testimony of her “special prosecutor” and lover, Nathan Wade. She was visibly upset when she quickly abandoned her objection to testifying.

Willis didn’t do herself any favors in public opinion when she gave answers to simple questions posed by non-responsive defense attorneys. She didn’t do herself any favors when she forced the judge to admonish her repeatedly to rein in her boisterous outbursts from the witness stand.

There is much Willis should be embarrassed by. A former employee testified Wade and Willis’s affair started long before she assumed office — implying Wade lied to the court. Although she traveled to Belize with Wade, she didn’t know what continent it was on. She also testified she withdrew significant money on her first campaign and kept some of the cash. Willis maintained she was unaware that she is obligated to disclose any personal relationships or gifts with people doing business with the county — and the list continues.

However, the biggest embarrassment for DA Willis is the cash. The substantial issue the defense needed to prove was that Willis was personally financially enriched by Wade having paid for luxury travel, including trips to Napa wine country and Caribbean cruises.

Another embarrassment for the couple: Wade and Willis testified in agreement with each other that Willis reimbursed her paramour in cash—undocumented, untraceable currency.

Depending on how you look at things, Fani Willis is either a brilliant or a terrible witness. However, she is likely to prevail nevertheless on the issue. Why, you ask? Because the judge might be stuck with Willis’s claim, she repaid Wade with cash.

Wade and Willis aren’t out of the woods just yet, though. There are continuing to be issues of whether both or neither have lied to the court about when their affair started and if there has been other prosecutorial misconduct because of numerous extrajudicial public comments that were allegedly made to deny the defendants a fair trial.

It remains too soon to know if the Fulton RICO case will fall apart under the weight of the multitude of ethical claims brought by the remaining defendants. However, one thing is sure: The prosecution will play the defense shortly.

Willis is facing difficult questions from the Fulton Board of Commissioners about whether or not she spends her budget as she claimed she would. Let us not forget the U.S. House of Representatives and the Georgia Senate are investigating whether she misused grants or tax dollars to pursue a politically motivated prosecution.

Finally, if claims are valid that Wade or Willis lied to the court about the origins and nature of the affair, the court can take disciplinary action, as the State Bar of Georgia could. Attorneys in Georgia can be disbarred for lying to the court.