Opinion: Biden Is Not the Man to Unite America, Nor Was He Ever

President Biden seems rather delusional about things in 2022. He often makes up his own words as he tries to answer a simple question or give a speech.

Recently, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman sat down with Biden for an off-the-record lunch and figured out a few things about the President.

Friedman claimed in the article that he “left our lunch with a full stomach but a heavy heart. Biden didn’t say it in so many words, but he didn’t have to. I could hear it between the lines: He’s worried that while he has reunited the West, he may not be able to reunite America.” 

“It’s clearly his priority, above any Build Back Better provision,” Friedman continued.

“And he knows that’s why he was elected — a majority of Americans worried that the country was coming apart at the seams and that this old war horse called Biden, with his bipartisan instincts, was the best person to knit us back together.”

Friedman almost seems shocked by the idea that Biden cannot reunite America, as if it was an almost certainty that he could do it.

Unfortunately for Biden and the rest of the Americans who elected him, the president hasn’t a prayer. Biden is not bipartisan in the least. The man has been a wolf in sheep’s clothing his entire political career. Once he became president, things weren’t going to change. 

Moreover, the division between Republicans and Democrats has gotten far too ingrained, as Friedman acknowledges.

“Under pressure to revive the economy, and facing big-ticket demands from the far left, Biden pursued expansive spending for too long…

“To defeat Trumpism we need only, say, 10 percent of Republicans to abandon their party and join with a center-left Biden, which is what he was elected to be and still is at heart,” he wrote.

“But we may not be able to get even 1 percent of Republicans to shift if far-left Democrats are seen as defining the party’s future.”

Serious trouble

Given Biden’s public acknowledgment of Friedman and his work, this new column appears to be nothing more than corporate kissing of the ring.

Biden expects people to bow to his presence, at least figuratively. This makes him a foolish but still very powerful person. This foolishness comes across every time he speaks, while his lack of actual power is shown every time he fails to get something done.

Friedman’s take will only make the American people and people across the globe believe in Biden more, even though the article clearly lacks common sense.

In reality, Biden is only under the pressure of what flavor of pudding cup to have after lunch. Other than that, he has his caretakers making the rest of the decisions. The president’s mind is about as sharp as jello.

If Friedman is to be believed, the nation is in serious trouble. Biden has never shown any center-left tendencies, nor has attempted to mend fences with Republicans.

Worse yet, he has outright refused to try doing anything that would get him headed in the same direction, much less on the same path as the right. This is not a president of the people.

Simply put, he is the president with a puppet master, and he is there to do his mentally feeble dance until the puppet master says he can go back into the box.