Opinion: Biden-Xi Summit — Showing Weakness to the Evil Communist Regime Endangers Americans

What agreement could Xi and Biden reach that Americans could even hope the dictator would uphold?

President Joe Biden recently rolled out the red carpet in San Francisco for Chairman Xi Jinping, ready to make friends with the regime responsible for despicable human rights violations and ongoing campaign to undermine global democracy.

Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom cleaned up the streets of the City by the Bay, admitting publicly that the beautification was only for the benefit of the visiting leader.

After the high-profile meetings, Xi and Biden reportedly agreed to cooperate on the flow of fentanyl chemicals, reestablish military communications, and work together on reducing climate change.

What agreement could Xi and Biden reach that we could trust a corrupt dictator to uphold?

While communication is crucial, we must be realistic about dealing with a nation hell-bent on world supremacy by whatever means necessary. We must remember this is a communist nation that rapes and enslaves minorities, including Christians, Muslims, and Uyghurs, imprisons anyone who would speak out against the regime, and murders innocent civilians.

Historically, China has come to the table when its economy is weaker. President Biden had a prime opportunity to demand real change from the regime and show strength. Instead, Xi got what he was looking for from the visit — images of the streets of San Francisco drenched in red and Chinese flags and a warm, public greeting from the president.

What did the U.S. get in return? The only deliverable is the restoration of pandas to U.S. zoos. We didn’t receive any reassurance about Taiwan’s security and safety. Reports from officials in the room say Xi clearly intended to reunify China and Taiwan, using force if necessary.

There has been no word on the 200 Americans being held prisoner in China. Any agreement about using artificial intelligence to develop nuclear weapons or about climate change will almost certainly be one-sided in their application.

No one wants to go to war with China. That is why Biden and his administration must understand that dictators like Xi won’t respond to hand-holding.

The only way to ensure China cooperates is for President Biden to stop stopping the United States from reducing our reliance on China by bringing back domestic manufacturing and mining.

If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that China can turn off the tap at a moment’s notice.

People who have experienced communism firsthand or through the experiences of family members understand the imminent danger of weakness when dealing with China. They know Xi’s evil regime cannot be reasoned with. The leader will only be satisfied once the CCP is the leading global power.

The U.S. is at a crossroads at a critical time in history. The president may have missed a crucial opportunity in San Francisco, but there is still time to change course and end the policy of misguided placation.