Opinion: Bidenomics Continues to Pick the Pockets of Hard-Working Americans

While some in the U.S. continue to trust the shell game of recovery peddled by the Biden administration, their pockets continue to be picked by inflation, the stealth, silent destroyer of middle-class dreams.

The economic policies of President Joe Biden aren’t only failing; they are an absolute betrayal of every hard-working American who continues to be promised more and is left with less.

What is it then that average working Americans are left with? An economic siege. Biden’s administration continues to unleash a flood of reckless spending while spinning it as ‘progress’ and while the buying power of regular Americans evaporates.

The Biden administration’s policy isn’t economic policy; instead, it is theft, and we are headed for a major disaster, like a ship heading into a storm with no captain.

The cost of fuel and essential goods continue to skyrocket, but the White House tells tales of a fairytale economy where everything is hunky-dory. Numbers don’t lie. 

The economy is not ok. It’s a disaster.

President Biden says his administration is focused on “building back better,” but the only thing we continue to build is endless debt for our children to inherit.

Minority communities, wooed with promises of support and greater equity, have been given the short end of the stick.

The lofty promises of the administration have vanished, leaving communities to fend for themselves in the rising tide of inflation.

This is not the “equity” promised by the Biden administration; it’s economic abandonment. The evidence is alarming and crystal clear.

Biden has seen a dramatic drop in nonwhite voter support

According to The New York Times, Biden has seen a 33-point drop in his nonwhite voter support. It isn’t just a statistic; it’s an outright indictment of his economic policy as felt at a grassroots level.

The approval numbers reflect a drastic shift, particularly among Hispanic Americans whose votes were once considered Democratic givens for votes.

Biden’s policies have backfired, especially for the Hispanic workforce and energy sectors. The move away from fossil fuels, per Biden’s environmental push, has been executed with little regard for the immediate economic displacement of workers.

Under Biden, we are spending money we don’t have on programs that aren’t working and mortgaging our children’s future to win political points that don’t matter.

This is not only irresponsible but immoral .

What has been the solution of the Biden administration? Raise interest rates.

As if it isn’t enough to crush the spirit of American enterprise under the foot of the government isn’t enough, they also want to break its back with a financial burden that benefits lenders and the government elite.

This isn’t a policy mistake; it’s a declaration of war on the dying American dream.

Inflation rates aren’t just abstract figures for Hispanic families; they are hardships. The cost of daily essentials continues to soar, further squeezing household budgets.

Inflation is particularly harmful to many in the Hispanic community, who frequently fall within the working class, diminishing their sense of economic security and purchasing power.

Also, a drag on the economy is Biden’s infrastructure bill. The bill was packed with progressive pet projects that have nothing to do with infrastructure and everything to do with pushing a radical agenda.

They aren’t building bridges, but barriers to prosperity, and the average American is paying the toll.

The data analysis leading into the upcoming primary and general elections marks a turning point.

It is critical to recognize that minority voters, especially Hispanic Americans, are increasingly focused on issues instead of party loyalties. Their allegiance can’t be won by party platforms or loyalty. Instead, they are driven by impactful concerns.

For many, the primary issue is the economy. There is a growing alignment with the economic prosperity associated with the administration of former President Donald Trump amid dissatisfaction with current economic policies.

In the general election, a turnout for candidates who prioritize economic revival and the former president’s name — either as a nominee or as an influential endorsement — will be a magnet for voters.

Results from recent elections and polls illustrate voters don’t feel married to a particular party, and their votes aren’t guaranteed.

Voters align with who they think will be the champion of prosperity and economic recovery, increasingly turning to the economic policies of the past administration and away from the current one.

One connection voters are connecting with unequivocally is their family’s financial well-being and former President Trump’s economic policies.