Opinion: Border Bill is Horrendous, and a Way for President Biden to Elude Blame for Not Enforcing the Law

Panicked by alarmingly lousy poll numbers on immigration, Democrats in the Senate are attempting to use the emergency on the border caused by President Joe Biden’s immigration policies as an excuse to slam through an almost 400-page bill with only a few days to read it and no hearings.

The president repealed every policy from the Trump era that had brought some stability to the border and is shameless about it.

Sunday, in a statement, when the text of the backroom deal was eventually released, he said, “If you believe, as I do, we must secure the border now, doing nothing is not an option.”

“Arrogance” doesn’t even start to describe the level of Biden’s audacity.

While President Biden has sufficient authority to secure the border, as Trump’s success has evidenced, there is a need for legislative changes. Because of that, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2 last year, which filled in many loopholes that make it difficult to control the border.

However, the bill would additionally restrict the ability of the president to release illegal immigrants into the country who have no right to be here.

Despite the president’s new ‘urgency’ to control the border, the legislation was unacceptable to the Dems.

Instead, they found Senate Republicans to be easy targets to try to solve their political problems. GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell has said funding for Ukraine — the legislation’s primary purpose — “is the number one priority for the United States right now,” which leaves him predisposed to agree to nearly everything.

Worse yet, McConnell chose Oklahoma’s James Lankford as the lead negotiator for the border deal. Although the voting record on immigration hasn’t been bad, he and his staff are not particularly familiar with the issue.

Although the bill released Sunday has a few provisions that may be useful, the entire package is based on the Democrats’ goals and priorities, not what is best for the country. 

The legislation contains a slew of items from the Dems’ wish list that have nothing to do with securing the border, and some actually make things worse, if that’s possible.

For example, why does a bill for border security increase the number of green cards? The Lankford legislation boosts family-based green cards by 32,000 per year for five years and 18,000 employment-based ones yearly. Last year, Gallup found that 72 percent of Americans wanted the immigration level kept the same or reduced.

The legislation also automatically gives work permits to relatives of particular temporary workers and others and quickens the issuance of work permits to asylum-seeking illegal immigrants, increasing the incentives to come). It also provides lawyers funded by taxpayers to particular illegal aliens, which is currently prohibited by law.

However, worse than that is that the actual provisions for the border reflect the Democrats’ perception of the problem. It isn’t that too many foreigners are using claims of asylum as a plan to move here illegally, which is how the majority of people see it.

Instead, the problem for Democrats and the Biden administration is a political one driven by news coverage that is damaging to chaotic border conditions.

The GOP members supporting this bill have brought the idea into it that everyone has the right to be allowed into America to claim asylum. But they want it to be through “a safe and orderly process” through ports of entry to avoid news coverage of the hundreds of people climbing over or around the fence and then waiting for Border Patrol to arrive and give them a ride.

That is why by the new emergency power created by the bill, even when the border is “shut down,” it mandates the admission to the U.S. of “a minimum of 1,400 inadmissible aliens each calendar day” through our ports of entry.

The legislation codifies an unlawful asylum process the administration is using already, which incentivizes more bogus asylum claims and reduces protections against fraud.

The Biden rule this legislation would ironically codify is being challenged in court by 20 states, including Lankford’s Oklahoma and McConnell’s Kentucky.

Many blue cities overrun by illegal aliens allowed in by Biden have been demanding not a policy change but a Washington bailout.

Yep, that’s what the legislation does. It provides billions for local governments and NGOs to deal with the streams of illegal aliens that will continue arriving.

In 2013, Republican Senator Marco Rubio was recruited by his Democrat colleagues to be the GOP face of their agenda during the amnesty fight of the Gang of Eight, and he paid a huge political price. Senator Lankford has now made the same mistake.