Opinion: Christianity Meant to Defy Culture — Guess the Pope Doesn’t Think So

The Babylon Bee, a satirical news site, has not surprisingly had the best analysis of the latest shocking “innovation” from Pope Francis’s papacy — “Men Pretending to Be Women Go to Lunch with Man Pretending to Be Catholic.”

New Ways Ministry had a glowing description of the event, “Pope Francis welcomed a group of transgender women, with whom he has formed an ongoing relationship, to the luncheon at the Vatican last week marking the church’s World Day of the Poor.” The ministry’s “ways” don’t include Christianity, as it’s been practiced for centuries.

The Associated Press had more detail about the guest list, in particular, “one notable group of luncheon guests: trans women from just outside Rome, many of whom are sex workers and migrants from Latin America.”

Under this papacy, it is no longer “go and sin no more,” instead it’s ‘go have another one.’

“…these women now make monthly visits to Francis’ Wednesday general audiences, where they are given VIP sets,” continued the AP.

“On any given day, they receive handouts of medicine, cash, and shampoo. When Covid-19 struck, the Vatican bussed them into its health facility so they could be vaccinated ahead of most Italians,” AP continued.

It isn’t a surprise that the New Ways Ministry and the AP refer to these creatures as “women” since both organizations have been captured by the secular culture of today, but for the Pope to go along with it is astounding.

Instead of offering applause and dinner, the Pope should have provided a pathway from the degradation and sin of prostitution and mental health counseling.

Pope Francis is embracing heresy and rejecting God’s divine plan that God created two sexes: woman and man.

He endorses the secular view that God can and does make mistakes. Pope Francis is rejecting the clear evidence of science.

Worse than that, he is misleading Catholics who are already confused by endorsing the sexual practices clearly forbidden by the Bible and welcoming unrepentant sinners inside the church.

“Part of what Pope Francis did to open those doors was a recent guidance from the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, which said trans people, including those who medically transition, could be accepted for baptism and serve as godparents. The guidance, known formally as a responsum ad dubia, was praised by LGBTQ+ advocates.”

The guidance is a complete surrender to a debased society. The culture’s endgame is the end of Christianity and Catholicism.

According to the Pope, “When I say ‘everyone, everyone, everyone,'” it’s the people.

“The church receives people, everyone, and does not ask what you are,” he said.

“Then, within the church, everyone grows and matures in their Christian belonging. It’s true that today it’s a bit fashionable to talk about this. The church receives everyone,” the Pope continued.

However, Christianity isn’t a numbers game. The biggest denomination with the largest attendance doesn’t win. Christianity is a crusade to save souls, and telling sinners the truth is counter to our culture.

Pope Francis’ current indulgence in sexual sin is as damaging and dangerous as the selling of indulgences was in the past. There isn’t any accommodation in a culture where orthodoxy survives.

Auron MacIntyre issues a warning that “Progressivism will hollow out your religion and wear its skin like a trophy.”