Opinion: Democrats are Terrified Trump Will Defeat Biden — What’s Their Latest Plan?

The ‘Never Trump’ vitriol and derangement has reached new heights. The former president will destroy the Constitution! He’ll be a dictator like Hitler! Trump will execute his political rivals! (Yep — insane MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said that.”

And the central theme to Joe Biden’s campaign — Trump will destroy democracy! The former president has been hysterically vilified. The mainstream media is spewing out alarmism against Trump at warp speed. 

The Atlantic recently published an entire special issue featuring over twenty pieces on “how a second term could shatter norms with the courts, education, the military, foreign policy, immigration, abortion rights, science, gender,” according to the publication.

Why is there a sudden surge in scaremongering? There are three reasons:

•           Biden doesn’t have anything else to run on.

•           Trump could win.

•           It worked in the past.

For the last point, remember Hillary Clinton’s 2016 team. When they weren’t creating fake news stories about Trump colluding with Russia, they pushed frightening narratives that had Americans quaking in their Converse. 

They predicted that in his first year in office, Trump would cause the stock market to crash by plunging the economy into recession! He’d bring back torture and give Europe over to Putin! He would start World War III. He’d terminate equal rights for women and deport 11 million illegal immigrants! 

Of course, Trump didn’t do any of those things. Instead, he helped pass a massive overhaul of taxes, drove down illegal immigration, started dismantling President Obama’s suffocating regulatory excesses, and most crucially, put China, as well as the rest of the world, on notice that the U.S. was not to be messed with.

How did Trump do this? Well, he bombed Syria during a dinner at Mar-a-Lago with China’s President Xi. Over what he described as a “beautiful piece of chocolate cake,” Trump stunned the dictator by announcing the surprise attack. With that move, Trump set the tone.

In 2016, voters tuned out the alarmism and elected Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. That didn’t stop Biden from resorting to the same type of attack in 2020. It worked this time, which is why they’re trying it again.

Another reason for turning up the Trump hysteria is Biden has nothing else to sell. He has incessantly pitched Bidenomics, only to find his bragging falling flat, with 60% of voters disapproving of his handling of the economy.

Rumor has it the White House is backing off from the term. Who can blame them? Personalizing big government, big spending, and significant inflation seems beyond senseless.

President Biden also proudly boasts about his climate agenda, which is becoming less and less popular daily. Vice President Kamala Harris recently attended the COP28 in Abu Dhabi and touted that the White House has committed $1 trillion to climate-focused initiatives. For voters not keeping track, this must have been a shocker.

Where are dollars being spent? Good question! One of the most significant objectives of the comically titled Inflation Reduction Act was boosting the adoption of electric vehicles by significantly expanding the number of charging outlets. 

McKinsey & Company, a consulting firm, predicts that “The United States will need about 28 million ports by 2030 to meet the demand for electricity by zero-emission passenger vehicles,” from about 2.6 million today. 

It was reported that no single charging station has been added since that legislation passed 16 months ago.

John Podesta, who spearheaded Obama’s climate agenda, founded the left-wing Center for American Progress and ran Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign, was handed $370 billion in climate funds to distribute amongst several clean-energy groups — tracking which critical districts and swing states get those monies will be informative.

The president also claims to be growing the economy from the inside out. He says he is bringing manufacturing back to America. However, the numbers say otherwise. Before Covid blasted the U.S. economy in December 2019, 12.9 million Americans worked in manufacturing. Last month, the number had barely inched higher to 13 million.

In reality, the Republican 2024 agenda is bursting with opportunity. The catastrophe at the border is tragic. Millions are pouring across the border illegally while the president is paralyzed. 

Appalling fentanyl deaths, unknown numbers of terrorists sneaking into the country, and drug gangs threatening border communities continue. At the same time, the president remains unwilling to change policies despite the disaster dragging down his approval numbers and angering die-hard Dems in blue states and cities. The White House has frequently ignored New York City mayor Eric Adams, who has begged for help as our largest U.S. city hovers near financial crisis.

So, who is cheering for the overwhelming illegal immigration? It isn’t Hispanics. Polls show they solidly oppose the influx. It is the far-left wing of the Democrat Party that is steering the Progressive bus toward disaster, á la Speed. It also says a great deal about President Joe Biden’s dubious grasp on the Oval Office.

This brings us to the last point. Democrats are progressively terrified that Donald Trump could win in 2024. A new poll by the Wall Street Journal puts Trump ahead of Biden by four points and an even more significant margin if third-party candidates are thrown in the mix.

Trump was rarely ahead in the 2020 election cycle, but it is very different now. Voters now know What a Biden presidency looks like. They don’t like it. Donald Trump wins on almost every issue — crime, inflation, the Israel-Hamas war, and securing the border.

In the last race, President Biden hid in his basement under cover of the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, the public didn’t see how much he had aged. The mumbles and stumbles are now daily embarrassments. It won’t get better. Additionally, the president has been accused of corruption and lied endlessly about his involvement in his son’s business activities.

Even if charges don’t result in impeachment, the image of Biden as an honest statesman has vanished.

Democrats fear a Biden-Trump rematch. Their extreme attacks on Trump show just how frightened they are.