Opinion: Democrats Censor Truth About Their Left-Wing, Radical Judicial Nominees

Free speech is at the center of our American values — it challenges our beliefs and the pursuit of the truth and empowers us to speak our minds.

As we seen too often in Congress, transparency and free expression are shot down by Progressives to keep Americans in the dark.

That is precisely what happened last month when Dems did something unprecedented in Senate Judiciary Committee history — they blocked Committee Republicans from voicing opposition to President Joe Biden’s far-left, socialist nominees before they were voted on.

It was a glaring abuse of power. 

However, it’s easy to see why Democrats don’t want the public aware of or discussing nominees. For months, the nominees’ radical stances have been exposed, and they have zero business serving on the federal bench with a lifetime appointment — let alone holding a county seat.

For example, look at the track record of Judge Mustafa Kasubhai, a nominee of Chairman Dick Durbin — who blocked access to additional information about the Judge. Kasubhai has defended Marxism and went as far as saying in a 1994 legal essay that “property incites…rebellion.”

He insulted America and called our country “so deeply Islamophobic.”

He promoted the leftist, radical view that all heterosexual relationships are violence-infused and that every sexual act should be viewed as rape — a staggering argument that silences women who have been victims of sexual assault.

President Biden and Democrats want Kasubhai to serve on the District of Oregon’s U.S. District Court. How could litigants — particularly sexual assault survivors and women — be expected to be treated judiciously in the courtroom, given his blatant poor judgment and explicit biases?

Unfortunately, Democrats are trying to install more deeply unqualified nominees to the federal bench than Kasubhai.

When Judge Edward Sunyol Kiel was questioned during a Judiciary hearing last month, the nominee of President Joe Biden for the District of New Jersey refused to condemn Hamas — which has been designated as a terrorist organization — and their unthinkable attacks against Israel. A judicial nominee who refuses to condemn acts of evil fiercely and does not have a place on the federal bench.

Likewise, Todd Edelman is a soft-on-crime Superior Court of the District of Columbia soft-on-crime associate judge who once used his authority to let a known criminal free who then went on to murder a 10-year-old boy at a cookout on the 4th of July. Think about it.

However, Democrats want to reward Edelman’s failures with a lifetime appointment to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Some presidential nominees have been so unqualified they have had to remove their names from consideration.

Earlier in the year, Michael Delaney, President Joe Biden’s nominee for the First Circuit, was forced to drop out over revelations that he threatened a 15-year-old sexual assault survivor with exposure if she came forward with her story.

Instead of learning a lesson from the shameful disaster, Biden nominated someone with a similar dismissal for victims to fill the seat.

The president’s new nominee for the First Circuit, Seth Aframe, once recommended a sentence well below guidelines for a kidnapping offender of a 14-year-old girl with a hearing impairment to a Vermont abandoned motel, where he then raped her brutally.

Aframe, when recommending the sentence, said the offender would “hopefully” no longer remain a threat after completing his sentence. The offender had just been released from prison for sexually assaulting minors.

Can you imagine telling the girl’s family that?

This case should alone cause A-frame to be disqualified for federal service, but Democrats in the Senate want to give him a lifetime appointment to one of the nation’s highest courts instead.

Understandably, Democrats do not want to discuss Edelman, Kasubhai, Delaney, Kiel, and the numerous other progressive, far-left nominees who lack the character and judgment to take the oath of office.

However, no matter what tactics the left attempts to use to silence the truth, the issue of appropriate qualifications to serve on the federal bench must continue to be raised.