Opinion: Hamas Is in Conflict with the Quran

In the campaign to kill Jews, wipe Israelis from the map, and restore part of the traditional Islamic homeland, Hamas is using a technique to sway the opinion of the world, particularly Muslim sentiments. 

Hamas expressly declared the conflict is religious, between all Jews and Muslims. The name Hamas in Arabic represents the first letters of the phrase “Islamic Resistance Movement.”

To be clear, the leaders of Hamas, sitting in secure locations far away from the Gaza battlefield, view this tactic as crucial. They need the Muslim world, which equals over one-and-a-half billion people, to support their goals and funnel more funds into their stockpiles.

By doing so, Hamas has placed itself, the Palestinians, as well as Muslims in a highly complex and challenging situation concerning the Quran. But how?

The words in the hold book of Islam construct a different view of the land of Israel and who ultimately owns it. 

For example, three relevant passages from the Quran are: 

“O ye Children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemy, and We made a Covenant with you (promise) to give you the blessed side of Mount (Sinai),” Ch. 20 v. 80.

“And We made those people, who suffered persecution (The Children of Israel), inheritors of the lands in both east and west, — lands whereon We sent down Our blessings. The fair promise of thy Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel, because they had patience and constancy,” Ch. 7 v. 137.

“O my people (Children of Israel)! Enter the hold land which Allah has written (given) to you [as a contract],” Ch. 5v. 21.

Verses are vague about the view in the Quran on the ownership of the land of Israel. But why haven’t these verses — and many more — been considered obvious all along? 

When Muslims read the verses, many will try to delegate them to the past. However, that interpretation is without basis. Nothing in the Quran supports that conclusion. The words in the verses, which call the people of Israel “Inheritors” and the land as “promised,” remain untouched by time. 

In the Quran, God’s “promise” is unbreakable — never does God abandon his promise, Ch. 30 v. 6. 

In addition, the Quran is clear God is the only one with the right to give the land to anyone he chooses. 

“The earth is God’s, to give as a heritage to such of his servants as he wishes,” Ch. 7 v. 128.

What is truly bizarre about the matter is the Quran never mentions God giving land to Muslims. Quite the opposite, the holy book is clear that God has endowed the “blessed” land to the Children of Israel. Likewise, it’s notable that the Quran never mentions the word “Palestine,” while the word “Israel” is cited in over 40 verses.

To the point — ironically, Hamas’ attempt to define the Arab-Israeli conflict as an Islamic issue instead of a political issue brings them into direct opposition with the Quran itself.