Opinion: President Biden Providing Aid to Illegal Migrants Instead of Veterans is Un-American

The border migrant crisis President Biden created is the worst in U.S. history — not even close. Since he took office, there have been at least seven million illegal border crossings and almost two million known gotaways.

But contrary to public belief, it isn’t only the southern border — illegal encounters along one section of the northern border are up 700%. Hundreds on the terror watch list have been caught attempting to get into our country, with over 300,000 Americans dying from drug overdoses from drugs brought over the border. Our country has never seen anything like this.

Democrats created this problem. Democrats and Biden are only pretending to be interested in securing the border now because it’s election season. If the president actually wanted to secure the border, he could have left the policies of President Donald Trump in place or reversed his own progressive policies by now. He hasn’t done either.

It should be blatantly apparent that President Biden’s sudden interest in the border is a political stunt to make it appear action is being taken, make campaign ads about how tough he is on illegal immigration, and get good press.

Now, the president is adding insult to an already festering wound. Media reports indicate the border is so chaotic that the administration is using resources from the Veteran’s Administration (VA) to facilitate healthcare for illegal aliens’ healthcare. This is a gut punch to our veterans and American taxpayers.

That is why GOP Senator Tommy Tuberville introduced the No VA Resources for Illegal Aliens Act in the Senate last week. The bill does what it says. It doesn’t allow VA resources, whether claims processing for healthcare or healthcare, from being used for illegal migrants. The bill already has support from Mike Bost, Chairman of the House VA Committee, and hopefully, Congress will soon pass it.

Biden supporters argue that since the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reimburses the VA for the services, there aren’t any issues. However, this doesn’t seem right. In reality, the DHS is leveraging providers of healthcare in the VA’s Community Care Network, which was set up to ensure veterans can access doctors in their own town for care of illegal aliens.

Veterans are forced to travel to VA facilities instead of relying on physicians in their communities. That means the administration is continuing to prioritize the needs of illegal migrants over the needs of the nation’s veterans. It is difficult to imagine something more un-American than that.

There was a similar scandal at the VA the last time the president was in the White House. 

In the second term of President Barack Obama, dozens of veterans died while waiting for medical care. The Biden administration is rehiring some of those same people. Leadership at the VA during the Obama years didn’t fire the offenders because of federal employee job protections.

It is no surprise that we have such a huge border crisis. People worldwide know they can easily stroll into the country, go to a blue state, and get free education, healthcare, driver’s licenses, and even some cash benefits.

In the meantime, hardworking taxpayers pay taxes, work hard, and face increasing prices for almost everything. Securing the border will require the halting of strong magnet drawing illegals into the country.

Veterans have earned their healthcare by serving the United States bravely. Illegals have not earned a cent from taxpayers — they shouldn’t even be in the country. The contrast could not be so obvious. 

There is no reason Tuberville’s legislation shouldn’t become a law. Passing the law should never be a partisan issue. Neither should taking care of our veterans. If President Biden is serious about securing the border, he should insist Democrats pass this common-sense legislation and sign it into law.