Opinion: Thank God! Ohio Legislature Chooses to Rescue Children from Genital Mutilation

GOP Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, is weak. He’s like the Chamber of Commerce Republicans who have no backbone and are repeatedly reelected by uninformed voters instead of actual conservatives.

When faced with the choice between legacy media, leftism, and Planned Parenthood versus Ohio conservatives concerned about medical experiments being performed on children — Gov. DeWine backed Planned Parenthood.

It was a spineless decision made by a weak, culture-directed politician.

Riley Gaines, Outkick.com host and former NCAA swimming champ, has had personal experience with trans athletes in female locker rooms. “Gov. DeWine has proven himself to be a spineless coward who is unwilling to do the obvious right and moral thing,” she said in a statement. “A compromise between right and wrong will always be wrong.”

It was time for the legislature to act to end this travesty.

“It only takes 60% of the legislature to override this contemptible veto, and we hope this legislature has a strong sense of right that its weathervane governor lacks.”

Now the vote on the override is in, and the Ohio Senate and Ohio House have come to the rescue.

The Senate voted 23 to 9, and the House voted 65 to 28 to override. This means the law will be put into effect in 90 days.

The Washington Post described the bill as “Ohio’s Saving Adolescents From Experimentation Act, or SAFE Act, prohibits hormone therapy, puberty blockers and gender-reassignment surgery for people under 18. The measure also prohibits transgender girls from playing on sports teams designated for girls and women in high school and college, known as the Save Women’s Sports Act. [Bill Sponsor State Rep. Gary] Click has said the measure was about ‘medical ethics,’ not ‘culture wars.’”

The explanation, filled with euphemisms, can be boiled down to a straightforward statement: The legislation stops both chemical genital mutilation and surgical genital mutilation performed on human subjects who aren’t mature into the experiment by disturbed or weak parents and a sinister medical establishment.

Legislators from the Buckeye State do not allow parents to abuse their children with whips or devices for punishment; why then should it be permitted for dangerous parents to abuse their children with a medical scalpel?

The legislature in Ohio has done the state’s residents a considerable favor.

Republicans in the Buckeye State should elect more legislators like the ones who voted to veto DeWine’s veto to higher office and stop allowing the elevation of wishy-washy individuals with massive campaign budgets like Governor Mike DeWine.