Opinion: Weakness of Biden Created the Conflicts in the Red Sea

America is weaker under President Joe Biden, and enemies of the U.S. know it. Look at our southern border — do you see any fear of or respect for the Biden administration?

This is why enemies of America continue to exploit us and our ally, Israel. Look at our current situation — there is a land war in Europe, evil tyrants like Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping are watching and waiting for the right moment to pounce, Israel is under continuous attack, and we have a wide-open border. The Red Sea conflict makes the fact indisputable.

The increasing attacks by Houthi militia in the Red Sea are crucial to every American family. These attacks are a giant problem because so many vessels travel through this area and are critical to world trade.

Companies trying to get their goods worldwide must decide whether to travel through an area with straightforward and ongoing danger or choose a significantly longer and more expensive route, leading to increased costs and delays for customers.

This is what occurs when you allow terrorists and their sponsors, including Iran, to run amok and dictate how they feel the world should work. The result is less security and more violence with severe consequences for U.S. families in everything from the cost of goods to their overseas safety. We will face this as President Biden’s weakness steers us needlessly toward World War III. 

The American public does not want war, but instead of a strong stance when it comes to Iran along with a credible deterrent to avoid it, Biden has rewarded the terrorist regime with billions of dollars that Iranians have used to fund terrorist enterprises like the Houthis and Hamas and enrich their nuclear program. 

Before Biden took office, the United States oversaw the deployment of additional navy assets, which benefited Israel and global and American commerce. But now, he has weakened this poster. The president began his presidency by removing the Houthis as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) on February 16, 2021, which was a huge mistake. 

The move empowered the Houthis to grow in power and raise funds as Iran’s proxy against Israel. The United States needs to designate these terrorists as an FTO once again — now. For several weeks, the administration has tolerated their attacks, creating disruption and danger to the international economy.

The United States, as well as capable partners, should have crushed these attacks before they began and destroyed Houthi assets months ago when they started terrorizing trade operations. President Biden would have been wise to have learned from President Trump’s playbook a bit sooner and acted promptly and early to show the strength of America and deter repeated attacks.

President Biden has not done so because he is weak. He has proven ineffective in bringing our allies together in troubled times.

We know President Biden won’t ever be capable of being a strong leader. He won’t stand up to terrorism or hold our allies responsible for standing alongside us, not using us as a shield. The world must be shown the consequences of threatening the security interests and economies of our nation and the nations of our allies.

The U.S. Navy is the only military force worldwide that can observe and attempt to control the numerous battle spaces that exist or have the possibility of existing. Our intelligence gathering allows our allies to cooperate with us and help us defeat our joint enemies.

Now, there is a significant disparity in what the taxpayers of the U.S. contribute toward defeating terrorism when compared to other nations. This needs to change.

The United States spends $886 billion yearly on defense for ourselves and global interests. In contrast, the European Union (E.U.) spends only $295 billion. In addition, America currently has a trade deficit of over $130 billion with the E.U.

We must insist on support and contributions from all benefitting from our protection. These nations must boost military spending and correct these trade deficits with increased purchases of U.S.-produced goods. More critically, we need a strong president to hold them to it.

Proxies of Iran in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq continue to increase because the Biden administration has shown it won’t do anything to stop them. Communist Russia, Iran, and China aim to use intimidation tactics to dictate the flow of services and goods around the globe. Our country must lead the free world to ensure these bad actors are stifled but should not be forced to go alone.

Although the U.K. joined us in the recent retaliatory strikes, other nations — India, South Korea, and Japan — must also assist. 

In the words of President Ronald Reagan, “Peace through Strength” is the key to the security of our country and our nation’s sovereignty. As our founding father, George Washington, said, if we want to live in peace, we must prepare for war. Strong words.

While neither Washington nor Reagan were war-hungry, they understood that international agreements and diplomacy cannot achieve peace when not accompanied by strength. Instead, having the will and means to deter or ultimately defeat enemies will guarantee lasting peace and our sovereignty.

With President Biden’s ineptitude in global affairs and lengthy record of lawlessness along our southern border, it appears unlikely his administration will effectively confront and deter our enemies like the Trump administration was able to.

There’s no reason to believe American strength will ever be respected again unless we remove Biden from the White House and re-elect President Donald Trump. The country’s “sit on the sidelines” mentality and not acting until it is too late must go. When our country, the countries of our allies, or our interests are attacked, they must be defeated.