Opinion: While We Were Sleeping, Our Downfall Was Well Underway

America, we are already at war, and the war is here.

Our armed forces are to serve one purpose, “…to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Read that again. America first. Any other involvements are interests. Some of our partners and allies are essential or critical interests. Japan and Panama are two such interests.

However, when we ignore our true and vital interests while donating a substantial amount of our efforts into never-ending, perpetual entanglements overseas of little consequence to self-interests.

While we waste hundreds of billions of dollars in distant places where corrupt “leaders” eventually run off with millions, Panama and the Panama Canal are left crumbling and naked. Panama and the canal are vital U.S. interests. Yet, the canal is being taken. It is drying up and filling with salt that will devastate Panama City. If the canal is eliminated, each American will rapidly become an inflation and supply chain logistics expert.

The Darien Gap, located nearby, is a significant path to the invasion of America—thousands of Chinese travel through the gap every month. Most are males of military age, and tens of thousands are from Venezuela and other adversarial countries.

The borders of the U.S. no longer exist.

Invaders in the millions spread annually across America and into almost every community.

Numerous communities are already overwhelmed. People need to find out the exact numbers of how many are flooding into the United States 24 hours a day.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tells us we have eight million who have entered illegally since Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was confirmed. Still, those are only the known numbers—millions per year.

Where is the “best military advice” our military generals say they are bound by duty to offer? How can they abandon their duty during a crisis and still say they are true to their oath?

Mainstream, liberal “media” stays focused on unimportant issues, while open borders and suspicious elections are “no-go’s” in pressrooms across the country, and dangerous enemies stream into the nation unabated.

These “journalists” missed the brilliant work on ‘X,’ formerly known as Twitter, to demonstrate the Chinese units’ path to infiltrating the country through the open borders. He showed confirmation that plainclothes CCP police operate in the U.S. with impunity.

If you take a quick trip to Michael Yon’s ‘X’ page, you will see how vulnerable we are to invasion and the end of stability in South and Central America.

Venezuela, bolstered by its Russian, Iranian, and Chinese partners, is preparing to conquer Guyana.

Why? You ask. Guyana is weak and unable to protect its numerous natural resources, including oil. They know the U.S. isn’t likely to intervene. Will Brazil jump to Guyana’s rescue?

A regional war will only serve to exacerbate the chaos at the Southern border, with the resulting refugee crisis sending many through routes, including the Darien Gap, to the United States.

World War III is rapidly unfolding.

While Secretary Mayorkas rolls out the red carpet to leaders and countries who wouldn’t hesitate to murder us in our beds, the Defense Department, State Department, and National Security Council keep their attention elsewhere. Problem anyone?

Less than three million Americans work in National Security. Are you prepared to defend your own home and neighborhood?

The White House didn’t wake up and get involved with Air Force assets until after Dictator Nicolás Maduro and his sham parliament declared the annexation of Guyana.

China is the ultimate puppet master and is poised to gain direct access to the vanquished Guyana’s oil resources. With our self-inflicted immigration crisis, a region-wide war right in our backyard is almost assured, all while China continues its growing campaign to control resources, including Panama’s Canal.

No U.S. aircraft carriers are sitting on Venezuela’s coast to check China.

America’s firepower and money sit in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

In the meantime, the Chinese, the world’s leading enabler of fentanyl, with illegal police stations in sovereign countries, are content to let havoc loose in our backyard.
China and Venezuela don’t seem to be concerned about the U.S. defending its interests as they send thousands more to our country.

America is already at war.