Opinion: Woke Military’s Quest for Marxist DEI Imperils U.S.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), a cornerstone of Marxist ideology, has replaced merit-based promotion in our security institutions.

For just more than $1 trillion each year, the American taxpayer pays for our national security.

The security enterprise goes far beyond the Pentagon and all its wide-stretching resources. Add the Department of Justice (DOJ), Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and numerous other three-lettered agencies that firmly dwell in the swamp.

It began with a subtle push into political correctness for diversity in the government during the administration of President Barack Obama.

Leaders cautiously pronounced this was an awareness campaign, and no one was suggesting a replacement for meritocracy or new affirmative action was being hatched.

We were conned.

Soon, diversity awareness shed its clever camouflage.

Catchy slogans like “Diversity Makes Us Stronger” soon gave way to DEI empires created in all agencies that must report directly to the Office of the President to ensure compliance. Equal protection under the 14th Amendment? No… it’s just an antiquated document — so say the liberals.

Relatively new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General C.Q. Brown, was lightly challenged during confirmation hearings for statements he had made that hiring for the “sake of diversity” was appropriate.

Meritocracies are meant to be apolitical and blind, and rightfully so. At the time of his confirmation hearings, any chance the general was apolitical vanished quicker than Joe Biden sneaking into his basement.

Brown’s predecessor, General Mark Milley, saw no issue with outward political bias. High-ranking leaders and their peers across the government have forgotten how millions of government personnel hang on every word they’ve said.

Instead of teaching personnel to say, “That’s brilliant, Sir/Ma’am,” the new DEI climate has sent the clear message of learning to say, “Those are not the right pronouns,” or “I’m offended.”

One inconvenient truth is that in the dangerous world of geopolitics, it doesn’t care about your feelings, victim status, or pronouns.

Whether it is cartel wars on our border, urban combat, foreign terror cells on our turf, or bullet-nosed diplomatic negotiation where failure can cost lives. The adversary couldn’t care less if you were a disadvantaged individual from Detroit or a transgender they/them who cannot pass a PT test. 

Our rivals and enemies aim to test and then beat us — period.

For several decades, our military has reflected the diversity of America.

More recent administrations have decided that institutional division and racism will make a better government. If it were true, maybe our military wouldn’t have had a recruitment crisis.

Marxism will not end with DEI — it’s only getting started

The group-think mentality that emanates from the DEI offices is evident. There is no room for dissent on this ideology — none. 

We need to get back to basics. How can we fix this?

The damage done by DEI to our National Security is significant. Repairing and returning to the system where the best rise to the top and are allowed to lead will require drastic actions.

But, the current administration is committed to this Marxist path, and a clearer-thinking future National Security Team may make an about-face.

Ideology can be like a cancer. Once it has permeated the entire organization, it is too late — it’s metastasized.

We cannot trust our leaders to suddenly “unthink” Marxism and return the institution to values that are constitutionally based.

Time to purge

Senior leaders who have been leading the DEI charge, in addition to speaking out politically, must be removed from their positions.

Given the size of our national security apparatus, the sheer scale of removals for breaking faith with American values and the Constitution is astounding.

Those allowed to remain will need to take written oaths where they are legally bound to the contract that includes disavowing Communism and all its by-products.

“Graybeards” or those retired military and civilian leaders who served honorably should be ‘drafted’ to return, dedicating themselves to course correction and sharpening the edge the departments and agencies must possess in this increasingly dangerous world.

A case of strong medicine? Look at the alternative.

For our $1 trillion annually, we deserve the best America can produce — equal opportunity for all.