President Biden Appeases Iran Because He’s Desperate to Beat Donald Trump

Had President Joe Biden received a warning of Iran’s weekend strike against Israel? According to Reuters, “Iraqi, Turkish, and Jordanian officials each said Iran had provided early warning of the attack last week, including some details.” They also reported Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said Sunday, “Iran gave neighboring countries and Israel’s ally, the United States, 72 hours’ notice it would launch the strikes.”

According to U.S. News and World Report, Iran also alerted Turkey to its planned attack on Israel and added, “Washington had conveyed to Tehran via Ankara that any action it took had to be ‘within certain limits.'”

The White House has denied the story, which implies the president may have greenlighted the missile and drone onslaught — but it fits. Biden has consistently been playing both sides, declaring that his support of Israel is “rock solid and unwavering” until Biden began losing political support, that is.

Younger Americans, who are crucial to Biden’s reelection hopes, are angry about Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza and have turned negative on his support of our ally, Israel.

With polls showing young voters gravitating to former President Donald Trump and pro-Palestinian demonstrations kicking off across the country, Biden’s support of Israel has begun to waver…no surprise there.

Over the weekend, Biden told Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu he won’t back Israel in countering Iran’s attack. No one wants a wider war in the region, and it’s possible a retaliatory move by Israel could kick off another round of attacks.

However, Biden’s caution might also be interpreted as another sign that the president, desperate to win in November, will do almost anything to prevent higher oil prices, yet another hot-button election issue.

Recently, on Maria Bartiromo’s show on Fox Business, Florida GOP Congressman Michael Waltz urged Joe Biden’s White House to “cut off Iran’s cash.” But he forgot one thing—doing that would require halting Iran’s oil exports and sending prices soaring. Biden knows that’s unacceptable leading up to the election.

It is a result of Biden’s appeasement of Tehran. When Donald Trump left office, Iran was isolated and broke. The enemies in the area were overwhelmingly united under the Abraham Accords, which established diplomatic relations with Israel and formed a solid bloc to counter the terrorist activities of Iran.

But, 3 ½ years of the Biden administration enriching Iran and not enforcing sanctions imposed by the Trump administration — allowing $10 billion in Tehran relief funds, allegedly to purchase electricity from Iraq. The president’s foreign policy team says the money will be exclusively used for humanitarian purposes, but all funds are useable — money for electricity also buys military moves and drones.

Joe Biden has disregarded Iran’s surging oil exports. Over the last year, Iran’s production soared by 50% to a five-year high despite ongoing Trump-era sanctions that allegedly limited Tehran’s exports.

The International Energy Agency reports that Iran exported 1.29 million barrels daily of crude oil last year and predicts that overall production will increase by an additional 160,000 barrels per day this year. Most of the incremental output has gone to China. 

Why would President Biden allow Iran to stockpile money and export more oil? Well…because Joe took office with a promise to end the production of fossil fuels on federal lands in the United States and commit to an unlikely and costly switch to green energy.

It’s nearly impossible for Biden’s team to anticipate the cost to Americans, in the form of higher electricity and energy prices, of his “green revolution.” Still, with the ideological extremes in charge in the White House, it’s entirely possible.

On several fronts, including the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline — halting leases and permits and raising exploration costs — Biden stalled the upward march of American oil production under Trump. 

As a result, the economy rebounded from the downturn of Covid-19, and when Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine, gasoline prices rose, and oil prices surged to an all-time high. 

When gas prices set records of $5 a gallon in June 2022, Biden’s White House sensed electoral danger and set out to stymy U.S. oil production by seeking minute supplies wherever they could find them, including our own Strategic Petroleum Reserve. They even looked for help from Saudi Arabia, a country Biden spurns, only to be turned down.

When oil prices soared last year, the White House even chose to lift sanctions on Venezuela, another major oil exporter, under a weak agreement that required the hated leader of the country, Nicolas Maduro, to permit free elections. When oil prices rolled back and the White House no longer needed to attempt to attract the dictator—who…surprise, didn’t hold fair elections—most of the sanctions were resurrected.

In the meantime, they also allowed Iran’s exports to rise. What is the excuse? President Biden’s team insisted they wanted to revive the Iran nuclear deal. Former President Obama failed to produce an agreement that would prevent Iran from producing a nuclear weapon, like Biden.

The collapse of negotiations was ultimately almost guaranteed by indications that Iran lied about the continuing enrichment of uranium and its hidden efforts to produce a nuclear device.

Biden will continue his appeasement of the Islamic state and hopes oil exports will continue uninterrupted. At the same time, he campaigns for reelection — while Iran continues its evil activities in the region that now include a direct attack on Israel.

When running for president, Joe Biden claimed to have outstanding experience and diplomatic capabilities. During his presidency, Biden has directed the most chaotic and humiliating military withdrawal in U.S. history as we recklessly abandoned Afghanistan, allowed Putin’s deadly Iraq invasion, and has now signed off on Iran attacking Israel.

Biden has aimed and proclaimed he is a historic president — and yep, that’s what he is.