Radical Activists Infiltrate College Mobs — Here’s What the Future Holds

College campuses nationwide are seeing a surge in pro-Hamas, radical activism, a reminder of the violent Antifa protests of 2020 and 2021. This type of activism isn’t novel. Its structure is militant, and escalation is rapid, in this case, fostering antisemitism, which is thriving unchecked.

What we are watching unfold is an echo of the disruptions led by Antifa during the Black Lives Matter movement that ultimately resulted in chaos and violence.

Activists at Columbia University broke into Hamilton Hall and unfurled banners reading “Tortuguita lives, the fight continues” (referring to Manuel Paez Terán, accused would-be cop killer) and “Glory to the martyrs.”

On the West Coast, Students also broke into Portland State University’s Millar Library and barricaded themselves in. Stocked up on supplies, they planned to stay until forced out. 

At the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), a Jewish student was denied entry to a path he regularly takes by masked activists, while a significant mob armed with umbrellas (one of Antifa’s top choices because they can also conceal identities) and metal pipes.

All the activists either concealed their identities with Covid-era masks or wore all-black “uniforms” that made it easier to get away with crimes. 

These activists are supported by radical, far-left politicians like Democrat Squad members Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib, and New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This movement has all the markings of Antifa activism. 

Law enforcement’s response has been lukewarm until Tuesday night, mirroring incidents in the past where initial arrests didn’t curb the protest’s momentum but further emboldened the activists. Then, those in decision-making positions forced law enforcement to hold off on any further action.

This was obvious at Columbia, where weak responses from the administration failed to regain control or deter further situations, leading to the occupation of Hamilton Hall and a large encampment.

Campus agitators terrorized Jewish students and occupied the campus until the police could finally do their jobs and clear both locations. However, we shouldn’t think the movement is dead. The protesters may be just getting started.

Will these students suffer any real consequences? Do you believe they’ll give up following the April 30 arrests? 

Highly unlikely. They are being celebrated for their movement and likened to the Civil Rights Movement. These primarily comprise white students who rely on wealthy parents for financial support. They’ll obtain pricey lawyers to get them out of trouble if they are charged with a crime. 

Many activists are also associated with more substantial, organized groups that engage in radical movements. Groups like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and other Antifa-affiliated organizations are prominent on campuses and known for their aggressive actions and rhetoric.

Social media makes it increasingly easy to recruit isolated and lonely social outcasts and rapidly turn them into revolutionaries with a purpose. These platforms are a new meet-up spot for disenchanted and disenfranchised young adults and college students. 

Whether the activists have deep-seated radical beliefs or a strong desire to belong, they will not easily be deterred from their drive. This means law enforcement must be allowed to continue pressure on law-breaking activists instead of engaging in single actions where arrests are made, only allowing the protesters to reorganize and refocus.

At universities across Florida and Texas, conservative politicians, police chiefs, and administrators have devised a straightforward strategy to dismantle unruly activism early and frequently. 

This firm approach sends a crystal-clear message to Jewish students: you aren’t alone; we have your back.

The media and public officials can play a crucial role. These domestic terrorists should be named in the same way the January 6 defendants were. Because these agitators are in college, it doesn’t mean they are immune from the public exposure they deserve. 

We should also make sure college students who have bravely stood against the anti-American and antisemitic attacks. 

Fraternity members at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, replaced the Palestinian flag placed on a campus flagpole in the campus quad with the American flag that previously flew there. Arizona State University’s Jewish fraternity members also took matters into their own hands and dismantled the college’s “Gaza Solidarity Encampment” when no one else would do it.

At the University of Washington, Seattle, and UCLA, Jewish students and allies filmed the chaos so the international community would see what the activists were really doing. At the same time, they whined about the violation of their First Amendment Rights. 

Let’s be honest. They want further coddling of these violent agitators or feebly issuing threats. If they are threatened with expulsion or suspension, there must be a follow-up. If students are told to leave an illegal occupation, it cannot be a suggestion; it must be an order. Failure to act decisively will set up a repeat of the ridiculous debacle at Columbia, and it will only get worse.