Representative James Comer: ‘Missing Pieces’ In Biden Family Finances

GOP Representative James Comer of Kentucky said he is anxiously awaiting disclosures of Hunter Biden’s finances during a contentious paternity case. The disclosures include any admission that the president’s son owned the infamous laptop abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware and how much money he has made on his artwork.

“We’ve learned a lot about Hunter Biden’s finances as well as the Biden family finances with respect to their influence peddling,” said Comer on Monday. “But there’s still a few missing pieces.

“I’m interested to see whether or not they admit that the laptop is theirs. Of course, we know it is. But, he’s denied that from day one, and Joe Biden said in front of the American people in the debate between he and [former] President [Donald] Trump that, in fact, it was not his son’s laptop, that it was Russian disinformation.”

Rep. Comer added he’s “anxious to see how much money Hunter Biden’s made from selling his high-priced artwork, and if we can find out who, in fact, was buying that artwork,” along with “whether or not [Hunter Biden] has offshore accounts.”

Comer said a House panel is likely to call on Secretary of State Antony Blinken to defend his prior statements about Hunter Biden’s laptop and said he believes there were “many” in the Biden and Obama administrations who were allegedly aware of the younger Biden’s “influence-peddling scheme.”

“Some committee will bring Blinken in at some point in the very near future to determine…whether or not he wants to revise his statement now that evidence has come forward that proves that he was not truthful,” about the laptop, said Comer. “Maybe it was an oversight on his part.”

Comer suspicious of Biden family influence peddling, meetings of officials with Jeffrey Epstein

He continued, “But what we do know from our investigation, the Biden family influence peddling is that part of what Hunter Biden would do when he would go to our adversaries, particularly the Chinese Communist Party…saying that he had family and friends in high places in the federal government.”

“Of course, the president continues to not tell the truth and say he didn’t know anything about his son’s business dealings. …We believe there were many other people, both in the Obama administration and in the current Biden administration, that Hunter was in constant communication with, that he was helping to bring in on his influence-peddling scheme,” said Comer.

It’s also “suspicious” that William Burns, CIA director, and former Obama White House lawyer, along with others, reportedly met with sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, according to Comer.

“It’s very frustrating that the law enforcement and intelligence community will not be transparent with this investigation,” said Comer. “This is something that I think every American is interested in.”

“There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. There are a lot of very influential men in very high-ranking positions in every industry in America, including the federal government, that would link to Jeffrey Epstein, and we hope we learn about who was involved in that.”